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Have you been banned? Welcome here! FAQ on Bans.

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2 hours ago, Vengence said:

@Zlofenix..Ban psimera..He even included proof that he is a hacker..He kills me 10 times in a row, and he normally has kills above 100 in a game with 0 deaths..he even included proof in the sceenshots he sent..If u dont ban this guy, then you guys are really unfair..Check his logs you will see cheats he activated...Prove that you really are fair and take cheaters seroiusly..all i use was wall hack but this guy uses all the cheats incuding aimbots...PROVE that you are fair!!!

writing xD much proof so hacker :100:

32 minutes ago, M3NPH1S said:

The only way to improve is by playing and wanting to improve. :JC_ThankYou:


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Welcome, banned comrades! Have you got a ban "for nothing"? Faced the injustice of admins? You've just downloaded/launched, but haven't had time to play? Creating extra accounts doesn't hel

Have you thought how to kill 100 and die 0 times? (why does cheating have to be the only option?) Do you have any idea how long he's been playing this game? You should have downloaded a prog

yep, i have YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxogbJBndjCgFjD1GEwe0vQ

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5 hours ago, Vengence said:

i managed to purchase the game straight from origin with the help of a friend though...im back in business...

back in downloading crap to play with crap

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Nope..To play with people who cheat less...I only used cheats here because it was really hard competing with other cheaters who spot and shot me even when completely hidden..

Zloefenix, play operation locker on the POCTOB server with lots of players and see what i am talking about

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1 hour ago, Vengence said:

No.. Para jugar con personas que hacen menos trampas... Solo usé trampas aquí porque era muy difícil competir con otros tramposos que me detectan y me disparan incluso cuando estoy completamente oculto...

Zloefenix, juegue Operation Locker en el servidor POCTOB con muchos jugadores y vea de lo que estoy hablando.

I only used cheats here because it was really hard competing with other cheaters <--(I think the banned list is full of people who think the same as you)

POCTOB most of the time has admins playing on their server.
The servers always have active admins on discord (you didn't try to contact them)
This is a community, zlofenix doesn't need to play to find out there is a cheater in his emu, someone always reports the cheater and gets banned.

You were only interested in coming to the forum to discuss your ban.
Why didn't you come here to report cheaters if it bothered you so much?

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5 часов назад, Vengence сказал:

Nope..To play with people who cheat less...I only used cheats here because it was really hard competing with other cheaters who spot and shot me even when completely hidden..

Zloefenix, play operation locker on the POCTOB server with lots of players and see what i am talking about

there is more cheaters on origin. all cheaters here its noobs like you, who cant play legit & catched instantly

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22 hours ago, Vengence said:

Zloefenix, play operation locker on the POCTOB server with lots of players and see what i am talking about

>play a map where every angle is camped because it's 32 vs 32
>think everyone is cheating
u should post some of ur legit gameplay here so everyone can have a good laugh at how bad u r

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my nick' RapGodzilaLLT ' 

I got banned for bf4 hack....

I wanna apoligize, i was trying just make no recoil.... 

i like this game a lot, please unban me.. I learn my lesson... 

i will never cheat again...


Sorry again.. 

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    • By furk4n
      we use a family pc
      and my brother try to hack game and get banned ,after he open new accounts and get multiacc ban too his nickname  was furkan46 
      i think we got hardware ban
      i cant play game for him stupid mistake 
      can admins unban our pc, if it possible i will be happy
      i promise i don't let him play 
      there is log
      30-01-2019 16:41:09 furk4n Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:22:31 furkan9730 Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:15:12 furkan46 BF3 Hack
    • By 12974562
      I know that I am a painin the ass when I ask you this ....
      How do you guys know that a person has multi acc ?
      BTW not banned 
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    • By zubu
      Hello! I wanted to ask for help to undo my Battlefield 4 account because my PC was turned on and my little brother   got to play with hacks, so bad is that he needs it.
      Please, I humbly ask, I am a clean player who likes to show his true abilities and to get out of my way I will be much more careful So that it does not happen again, Thanks!
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