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Have you been banned? Welcome here! FAQ on Bans.

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Welcome, banned comrades!

Have you got a ban "for nothing"?
Faced the injustice of admins?
You've just downloaded/launched, but haven't had time to play?
Creating extra accounts doesn't help?
You've changed?
So then you're at the right place!

Before you tell your story, you must read the following:

You can find out about your ban here!

If you got a ban titled BF3 Hack, BF4 Hack, External Hack:


Means that anti-cheat caught you have been launching cheats, trainers, cheat engine or any injectors for BF, and your account as your PC has been banned. Now you can NEVER play on the ZLOEmu project any more, because the ban is permanent. And since then every new account you try to access or create will be blocked for Multiacc.
Bans with these titles will never be removed.

Even if:

  • - you do not know how it has happened
  • - it wasn't you who launched cheats
  • - this was the first and last time
  • - did not even have time to use it
  • - are ready to pay

All bans are permanent. The right to make mistakes? No, never heard about this, just shooting, the reasons are not important.

But you should also understand the admins. I get if you bought the game, or didn't use anything at all and could prove your innocence. In fact, you've used cheats, you can't prove your innocence, and you haven't spent money. And if they unban you, the rest will refer to this topic with words like "Why did they do it to him, but me? It's not fair. " If you ever give concessions, do it again and again. Anarchy will begin. And we have order here.

If you got a ban titled Multiacc:


This ban is issued if you login to an account from a computer on which cheats were seen before. If so, do not try to trick us. After all, the admins can only unlock the account, not the computer. And if you sign in on a banned computer, you will receive a ban again. Also, admins will check if your computer has been baned.

If you are not guilty (playing only The Sims), then write in this topic in the form indicated below. Applications with the incorrect form will not be considered in the form!



If you got a ban titled Forum:

There is a complaint about you on the forum. This complaint was reviewed and we came to the conclusion that you are not the most honest player. This ban can't be appealled.


If you got a ban titled PB GAMEHACK #####:


So anti-cheat of PunkBuster found that you were using cheats, and made a note about it in the server logs. The server administrator provided these logs to the project administrator ZLOEmu, ZLOFENIX `y. ZLOFENIX banned you manually.


If you got a ban on a certain server:


So you violated the server rules and the server administrator recognized about this. Also, server administrators have the right to exclude / ban players from their servers for personal reasons. For an appeal, please contact administrators of the server in private messages.

Server administrators search here:



Application Form, you should provide in order to get or not unban:


1) The game username of each account (If there are several)
2) Date of ban
3) The title of the ban
4) What do you think, for what / after what you got a ban?


Good Luck in Unbanning!)

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Umm my name is ali

I send and requst aboute unbann

My resson is multica

I use cheat becuse i dont have an good pc and i thing oders hacking

If u can help my im realy tank u


And i never us echeat agin


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Упертый, так же упертый в скрывании ника, неплохо.

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Posted (edited)

Hello guys 

2 years ago you banned my account because  a multiaccount hack .how can I unban the account? Help me plz

I didnt hack the game but my friend signed n with my account.



Edited by KaRaMmh

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Posted (edited)


A week ago, I was banned by multiacc on my original account, but I was banned by multiacc and cheated because I play at 20 fps and tried to hack.

I will never cheat again in this game, so if you can unban my account, the nickname is: d0llan

please, I won't cheat anymore.

it's hard to stay without playing that game.

I will send a request to unban
if you can, i will be very grateful.

i don't know if is possible to unban my computer but okay.

Edited by T3shugo
grammatical error, I don't speak english or russian.

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My username is Lunkgoof

I have been banned quite a while ago (maybe few years)

I think the reason was BF3 Hack or Multiacc because me and my brother were playing on the same PC (not at the same time obviously) and suddenly we both got banned.

I can surely say that there were no cheats installed or used on my PC back then.

Last days I wanted to play some BF with my friends and I when i tried to login I found out I was banned. (with a welcome message for "cheating").

I hope I can get unbanned to play.

Thank you for your time,


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15 minutes ago, ZLOFENIX said:

No such account.

can you check this username " fAnta " (it may have been this one)

and I guess there is no unban from this:

Нахуй уебывай, читер

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Not found too.

This - simple thing, but on forum i cant write about it.

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9 minutes ago, ZLOFENIX said:

Not found too.

This - simple thing, but on forum i cant write about it.

Anyways thank you for your time

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My name is Zoff00

I've made a huge mistake: i wanted to try a trainer for the single player campaign, but intstead of using the SP direct launcher for BF3, i used the 34H launcher (avaible in the main folder with both singleplayer and multiplayer options) with ZClient on and selected the campaign from there. The result was that i've been banned as soon as i started the trainer (WeMod trainer to be specific)

Is there a way i can get unbanned?

I don't know how to prove it exaclty. I have WeMod installed with the trainer for BF3. But the game didn't detect the gamepad, so i switched to the 34H launcher (that has singleplayer, multiplayer and coop mode in it). I should have selected the SP only "exe".

In any case, i would stop cheating on your game even in SP, if this will lead to an eventual unban. I thought that only online cheating was forbidden.

Sorry if i broke the rules

Have a nice day


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You cant read news?

You cant read rules in registration form?

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2 minutes ago, ZLOFENIX said:

You cant read news?

You cant read rules in registration form?

Yes sorry. I should have done that before

I didn't even think about reading the list of rules. I was focused on playing the game

Now that i know that (even if it's too late), i won't do the same mistake again

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      we use a family pc
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      i think we got hardware ban
      i cant play game for him stupid mistake 
      can admins unban our pc, if it possible i will be happy
      i promise i don't let him play 
      there is log
      30-01-2019 16:41:09 furk4n Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:22:31 furkan9730 Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:15:12 furkan46 BF3 Hack
    • By Tahir9
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      How do you guys know that a person has multi acc ?
      BTW not banned 
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      Ranked=true   // показатель говорит что ваш сервер ранговый
      NumGameClientSlots=32  // Количество слотов для игроков
      RevisionLevel = 8
      RevisionKey = 7C0A303E-F4D2-985E-763D-E7C41B1E06A3
      GameModID = BC2
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