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  1. 1. Name: Dr_Tom 2. 1 shot kill 3. Level: 12 - 150ms 4. Pycckuu CEPBEP-Metro & Locker-
  2. 1. Name: AS255 2. Level: 18 - 77ms 3. aimbot + wallhack 4. Русский сервер ALL MAPS 5. The server was down after that and I couldn't continue recording.
  3. Go to startup.txt (make sure read-only mode is not checked) Modify: vars.unlockMode to all example: vars.unlockMode "all"
  4. https://zloemu.net/faq?id=3
  5. I would like you to watch this video (I did not report it because I think the evidence was not enough). I think the same thing happens with RaiseFladarov
  6. Here it is better appreciated, he kills me and a teammate who was by my side as if nothing happened (taking into account that the scar-h has 21 bullets) he makes a sprayrtransfer worthy of a proplayer or cheater
  7. Hello guys. he only killed me 2 times but it was enough to know that something was wrong with him Tickets| K/D 1706 0-0 First spawn 1626 5-0 1613 9-0 1576 16-2 1560 19-2 1551 26-3 Killed me He killed in 155 Tickets 26-3 (Almost 5 minutes) That's all I can provide about him.
  8. Next time let him kill you, to see his name and location on the killcam. for a more consistent evidence
  9. 30 kills with normal M320 Make sure to finish the game so you don't lose the unlock
  10. Hello I recently watched this video and would like to use this program to take my own screenshots and record some cinematics for my videos. video: https://youtu.be/9YFnxoDhHHQ Look for information in the forum in case someone already asked this question and I only found a comment from someone who mentions this program comment: https://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/5851/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-57448 I have my own server on which I can use it if allowed (I don't really know how it works yet, I haven't downloaded it yet)
  11. His movement is very good for a noob I think it's someone with a second account also has 40ms on a hardcore server = instakill Your watermark annoying (try to get another program to record) and make shorter videos recounting only the moments that seem suspicious I would have reported it too. and yes, I have seen the 20 minutes
  12. I only used cheats here because it was really hard competing with other cheaters <--(I think the banned list is full of people who think the same as you) POCTOB most of the time has admins playing on their server. The servers always have active admins on discord (you didn't try to contact them) This is a community, zlofenix doesn't need to play to find out there is a cheater in his emu, someone always reports the cheater and gets banned. You were only interested in coming to the forum to discuss your ban. Why didn't you come here to report cheaters if it bothered you so much
  13. Have you thought how to kill 100 and die 0 times? (why does cheating have to be the only option?) Do you have any idea how long he's been playing this game? You should have downloaded a program to record the game (and create a report against it in case you have strong evidence) But you did not decide to go for the easy thing and you downloaded a wallhack to get revenge on him There are many reasons why it may be better than you. He may have a better connection than you. Best pc He has been playing for a long time and dedicated himself to learning every trick of thi
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