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Резултат с изображение за battlefield 4 render

• Download and Install "ZloOrigin" •

Download link  
(ZloOrigin Download)


1 • Download the official Origin
(Official Origin Download)

2 • Install, but do not run (or get out of Origin)

• 3 • Download, unzip and install ZloOrigin

• 4 • Run ZClient (After starting the program runs to tray - near the clock)
Login with your email and password from
http://zloemu.net click connect and wait to update and log us into system

4.1 ZClient - Zclient Download!

5 • Start ZloOrigin , after start he should log in and immediately open.

• 6 • Downloading a game (or troubleshoot in the game) Download the game and all the DLC's for it. 

There are 3 way to start the game:

1 • Choose your game at the bottom of Zclient and press"Run".

2 • Open a browser (preferably Yandex or those browsers that have NAPI) , (zclient needs to be online)

• 3 • Use Launcher  (zclient needs to be online)

9 • Update PunkBuster. (Punkbuster download)

10 • Join the game, have fun! 

• 11 • If the game is closed without reason or gives you a problem, download PIPE.exe and start it before join in game and when game close again without reason
PIPE will show you your problem

( Pipe.exe )

12 • If you want to use launcher not browser

13 • Bat file to clear Origin cache (DelOriginCache_.bat)



5 1-1 -> Problem with х64 bit version, need to use x86 
3 1-1 -> Problem with license file, delete C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts (hidden folder)
0 4 -> Game disconnected: you were kicked out by a game admin. 
0 5 -> Game disconnected : you have been banned from this server.
0 6 -1 ->Game disconnected : You were disconnected from Master! (Remove Origin from task manager and start again zclient) 
0 14 -> Game disconnected : your connection to the server timed out.
0 20 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked for inactivity
0 23 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked by an admin.
0 24 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked by PunkBuster.
0 38 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked by  FairFight 
1 1 -1 ->Game disconnected : Game files are corrupted
4 12 -> Game disconnected : you are banned on the server
0 27 -> Game disconnected : Set the original Origin
16 -1 -> ZLOrigin error! Please start the game in 32bit mode (x86).
0 7 -1 -> Game disconnected : Server have password


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Violators will be punished!

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