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  1. No one cares how long you playing, explain the kill!
  2. can you use your brain or are you completely retarded? there is proof that you are cheating, explain it or
  3. except that russia is not pro? he is trash at bf3, always has been, i farmed him always in the past
  4. Lol explain the first 2 kills and the last one? cheater
  5. Yeah, CEHATOP who knows a lot about cheats (without being a cheat developer or knowing any), his only applicable skill is writing another long bible with numbers pulled out of his ass ("90% probability of cheat, 95% probability of macro").
  6. Imagine being SO braindead, that there is ACTUAL proof that your clanmate of your noob clan is cheating, and instead of realizing that you are friends with retards, you decide to deny it and instead make a topic on the person who reported your friend, only that you don't have any proof whatsoever and the most that your sheep brain can formulate is 2 words, the meaning of which is beyond your intellectual capacity. You are the embodiment of everything wrong with this game, starting with your nonexistent skill and your unsportsmanly behavior towards better players. You are just another braindead sheep peasant who Mosh, ArchxR, and me, and even the iranians farm because this is your only purpose in this game: to be farmed until you uninstall this game. You and all the LGBT retards -> got farmed and now you are trying in every way to remove better players, sometimes through voteban, other times through voting bad maps. But this tactic will not work for you, because you and your clan are about as meaningless as any other pleb. tl;dr kys retard
  7. He is cheating. Look at the first 2 clips and the last clip. Mosh was headglitched and ctapu4ok killed him in 2, 3 frames in a position where its practically impossible to hit mosh's head. He is using aimbot and nospread for sure. Ban him.
  8. Wiz

    Pycckuu BAN

    Stfu retard. You played this game for 700 hours and you have less skill than a fetus. You know nothing about this game or how to play it so stfu until you can get more than a 3kd in a round, or get your own server and have it sit empty for months.
  9. Wiz

    Pycckuu BAN

    @MRKONSTANTIN Many people are complaining always. You can see it yourself, when that noob zlo_rango insults me and says that I am a cheater. Menphis is old and clean player, both Menphis and popi have stable internet which means that they can compete with players who have a lower ping. @M3NPH1S I think MR_KONSTANTIN wants a full round gameplay.
  10. Another noob 1.2 kd player who can only cry and write long texts because he cannot learn how to shoot the AN-94. Learn to play.
  11. Lol just cry more noob. There is no cheat and he does not kill you in 1 shot. So just cry or learn to play!
  12. 1. XxMaXx7 2. Aimbot 3. Русский сервер 4.
  13. I think he is cheating. Look at 1:12 in the first video at 0.25 speed. 89 -> 0 in one frame.
  14. Probably your two computers have same IP. For whatever reason, when I host a server, I can't join it with two computers on the same network (=same IP)
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