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  1. It's bug like Lemencio said
  2. It's a smurf, when I played against him he was normal. + about his HSKR, yes, it's high.. but I think BF3 is not like BF4 since magnum + rex are onetaps to the head. SO 30% seems normal but high.
  3. I agree, but look at his movement in the second kill, he doesn't even try to aim at the enemy but somehow still lands his shots, so that's why I figured that it's silent aimbot. But, definitely need more proof. I agree on it
  4. are you sure? look at 0:03.. he's not even aiming at him...
  5. It looks like silent aimbot. His ping is ... ?
  6. No offense is intended at all but you don't seem to be skilled at the game to begin with, not to mention that you made a topic accusing 10 random people of cheating with practically no evidence, which already nullified your credibility. And the argument "I am good because I played for 6 years - whoever kills me is a cheater" is invalid.
  7. It's not iron proof, I can say this to you because: 1. Spectator mode in bf4 is very buggy and does not accurately show the actions of the player on their side 2. You are lagging in the game which increases the discrepancy between your view and reality even further 3. I am better and more knowledgeable than you That's why I said - no, need more proof.
  8. They will drive, just not like humans, usually they go out of the map in a straight line or crash.
  9. Reshade is allowed, it's on directx and not game. And it only adds tint/changes colors a little and can sharpen. About report spectator is bugged, you are lagging, and also I can do similar thing if I am tryharding aim. So I vote no.
  10. Matzu - tryhard but not cheater. Also, it's bot server.
  11. In launcher
  12. on the topic of leaderboards i suggest: kd leaderboard kpm leaderboard "skill rating" leaderboard (calculated from kd + kpm + spm) + other stuff like highest score, highest kills, most knife kills etc. also, for stats: would be cool to see weapon kpms and individual accuracies.
  13. are you sure the resolution actually stays the same because both 800x600 and 1024x768 are 4:3 resolutions so they will be stretched equally
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