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  1. Maybe block access to popular cheat-related sites like cheat engine download, unknowncheats.me, etc, on network
  2. Wiz


    He is not cheating, just a farmer from origin
  3. You rammed the heli with the jet (crashing into it), don't do that
  4. Actually nospread is even harder to prove in spectator. There are only very rare cases where you can really definitely prove nospread. (Anecdote: there was a spectator video of ebashu before he was banned, and in 5 seconds of 15 minutes he hipfired at a wall and his bullets made a perfectly straight line. However the chance of this ever happening is so, so low, and it's so, so easy to miss it, since spectator videos can go for 10-60 minutes.) As a general rule of thumb, it's almost impossible to prove 100% from gameplay videos, and even harder from spectator, and it's anyone's guess if someone's death was by nospread or not. However if you see someone using guns like the AEK, Famas, PDWs (in general, weapons which are weak at range due to high spread values) and beaming people across the map then some degree of suspicion is certainly justified. But Mr. Lilteezy here is a bit smarter than the average closet cheater, he plays ACE 21 and ACE 52 CQB, weapons which are fairly competent at ranges where other weapons such as the AEK-971 begin to fail. tl;dr: to the rest of this people in this thread good luck proving anything especially since he could just toggle off his cheats when you ask him to record a video
  5. Dawnbreaker has an mAA on both sides but the heli can still farm. Why is that? It's only like that if the heli crew is good enough. Same on siege, pilot needs to know what he is doing or he will die to stingers very quickly. Games where good players cant play well are games that people dont want to play, because then there is no incentive to play or improve in the first place. Same is on Dawnbreaker 8v8, the team that has the better heli will also tend to win the map, it's the game's reward for being better than your enemies.
  6. All things in good measure, after all no one is farming 24/7 and most of farmers usually choose to play on weak team on those vehicle based maps. Disagree, why not strive to become a better player, to stop people from farming or even becoming the pubstomper yourself?
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