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  1. Because you spam with false reports because you dont know how to play If you are insulted by that - your problem
  2. I gave you my name, not my fault if you are blind
  3. SAME! person as omak_bkab, by the way After 2!!!! years you cant learn how to play the game
  4. https://ep-team.ru/bf4/index.php?p=player&sid=7&player=NO_GOD_COMPLEX and yes, I could explain every aspect of his gameplay, but im not going to waste my time explaining it to YOU
  5. You have reported the same player probably 20 times by now, when he's on a different account every time, because you just don't understand how to play shooters and how to make decisions You are doing nothing but wasting Fenix time
  6. I am not going to waste my time teaching you how to play the game, you lack basic skills to understand how a good player makes decisions and you just see every good decision as wallhack or extra information
  7. No, only you need to be banned from making reports, because you don't know how to play and you constantly report players who aren't cheating because you don't understand how to play the game
  8. At this point someone should just BAN him from making reports
  9. He turned his head to the right on his screen, that's why he stopped climbing for a short moment This doesn't show on spectator You again show that you don't know anything about this game Do you know that you can look left and right when you climb on ladders?
  10. I couldn't care less, you are hardly worth my time
  11. I read through the entire thread I watched some of the gameplay videos After watching the gameplay I think darkfear uses streamproof cheats and I havent even seen any gameplay of hocage, he just spammed the thread with meaningless garbage and should have his human rights revoked I am not going to elaborate on my opinion
  12. His damage is normal @ CannabisRU never post again
  13. https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-view-ban-427286.html Good joke - go cheat on origin (again)
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