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  1. I think so too, stats say aimbot but he clearly toggled off when he was being spectated
  2. Your specs? On my hardware: Maybe driver issue or something else. And I think its time in ms to "render" frame, nothing with isp.
  3. I think so too. Addendum: this player is an origin player and has hundreds of hours playing infantry. This does not prove or disprove anything, merely food for thought.
  4. And the jet aimbot is where exactly?
  5. Description: A 5v5 mix is played as follows: A pool of players is collected (in this case, through this forum post) Random teams are formed A date and time to play is agreed Teams play and may be mixed again depending on balance Ruleset: ESL Rules. Link here Server location: Hosted by me, Europe People needed: At least 10, but more is better. Who can play: Anyone, just read and respect ESL rules. If you are interested in playing, leave a message here or join this discord: https://discord.gg/7aUKEwh
  6. first video, 2:22
  7. This is at the discretion of the server admin.
  8. Movements at 0:23 are enough, imo
  9. First few clips where his gun climbed up is fairly solid proof of norecoil. On the client there is no animation how his gun climbs up, but on the spectator mode the server shows how he made no inputs to pull the gun down.
  10. Its glitch. Put 1 c4 each under the front of the hovercraft on both sides.
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