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  1. I hope posting this image makes you feel better about getting "ABUSED BY ADMIN".
  2. what? I did try, this screenshot is from it
  3. That is not even the official site of it, its https://ufovpn.io According to them themselves, it will only reduce some of your latency in PUBG, because they have special servers for it, they did not mention anything about making ping in bf4 10% as big as before
  4. Ok so if its vpn, then surely someone can record a video of how ufovpn removed 90% of latency, what is so hard about it
  5. Why not? I would like to see the vpn which can turn 100 ping into 10 ping
  6. Can you record a video of it?
  7. I am sorry but vpn cannot make your ping, 10% of what it was before, this is clearly ping spoofing, it is physically impossible to have 11 ms from anywhere in iraq, I proved it mathematically as well.
  8. Screenshots of them with ping spoof floated around. @ ZLOFENIX from the IP logs in zclient you should be able to see that their IPs are all from Iraq, except recently, they started to use a VPN to Germany). It is physically impossible for them to have 11 ms from Iraq. Proof: Let us assume that the server is in Paris and they have a perfect geodesic line from Iraq to Paris. For clarification: geodesic lines are the SHORTEST POSSIBLE DISTANCE between 2 points on a sphere. Taking a geodesic from the middle of Iraq to Paris gives us 3823 km. 3823000 m/(299
  9. Forget about it, DICE will never allow server files to leak ever again
  10. Maybe block access to popular cheat-related sites like cheat engine download, unknowncheats.me, etc, on network
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