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  1. 2020-09-17 10:09:30 TurabAbbasiBF4 Hack 2020-09-24 10:09:27
  2. Wiz


    Looks like some people never learn
  3. Many people on zlogames love Noshahr Canals, and I also very much appreciate the new map (Grand Bazaar CQS). I think many people would be thankful if the current setup with votemap would stay, admins can just vote for metro when they want to play it. Just sharing my opinion, of course its your (admins) decision.
  4. He's not cheating, just my friend from origin.
  5. Looks like he has a gaming chair
  6. Wiz


    yes, wait for fenix to answer...
  7. Wiz


    wait for fenix to answer
  8. Watched a few seconds, looks a bit like wallhack to me, but I'm far too lazy at this point to write a detailed analysis
  9. Definitely cheating in part 2, the tracking at 0:27 is the key moment for me
  10. So Mr. "I know everything about Battlefield" can you explain why the red box (which is supposedly drawn by a cheat) changes color at 2:24, coincidentally to the exact same color as the thermal imaging?
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