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  1. Ты троллишь чтоль?
  2. спектатор [mod], но все равно можно видеть аймботы если очевидны. А у этого чела P2KSX234LL78 ничего нет, он со своим пингом на спектаторе лагает, а не делает никаких дебильных фликов и не двигается как бот. И в этом разница...
  3. Ты охуел? Это не аймбот? asddasdasd.mp4
  4. А зачем нет? Если ему нравится троллить с аккаунтами, и это не запрещено, то пусть играет на своих аккаунтах...
  5. Dude, I can't teach you how to play the game, I explained why he did what he did and even told you what he would do if he was really cheating
  6. Пишу по англ, если что-то непонятно, могу попробовать переводить. To answer your question, it's a baserape. Which means, most (if not all) of the opponents will push from the US base (obviously). There are basically 3 main positions in this situation: which you can see this player watching constantly throughout the video (which you finally recorded normally). Because it's a baserape, it's not unrealistic to expect enemies coming from these positions, and although it might look like a wallhack to you, it really isn't, he's just quite fast (at least for Battlefield standards
  7. Псимера про это уже всё сказал, очевидных читов нету (и я тоже с ним согласен). Как этот игрок на лодке играл, я бы сам так играл. Просто хорошо играет. Банить Бартиса и его банду за фармнг, это (честно говоря) жалко, но это же твой сервер. Читов там нет, просто уровень выше среднего, и это просто факт. Ты вообще когда-нибудь в других играх нубасов против задротов видел (например ксго)? Там их тоже фармят, как Бартис на твоем сервере фармил. По английский это называется skill gap. И это всё. Если у тебя есть право забанить Бартиса за фарминг, то у него есть право сделать новый акк и
  8. And this video with the AA on zavod is some quality baserape, exactly what his shit server deserves
  9. The problem is more with how this guy ( кровосток ) runs his server, кровосток sits in spectator 24/7 and when he sees someone with a high kd in vehicles he will just ban him because high kd = cheats ( ROSTOV admin logic ) As you can see he doesn't know anything about vehicles ( or anything in the game for that matter ), he says there are many moments where this player ( mbzkavkaz03 ) was shooting at targets that are not visible on thermal vision and that's why he is cheating ( of course it has nothing to do with the fact that the boat shoots explosive ammunition with splash damage
  10. New accounts and changing name is due to high skilled admins like ( кровосток )
  11. @ CanibalCorps explain yourself
  12. You have no arguments, you posted 3!!! normal kills and that's all, 2 other players who are MUCH better than you told that they can't see anything I broke down each of your videos and explained why the crosshair appears to lag behind the enemy Cuz you reporting legit players and you don't know what's real cheating and real proof? Here's what happened: You played, you got owned by this guy, you specced him, crosshair isn't on enemy -> aimbot. Nice 1
  13. Maybe I should show you how shitty spectator mode is? Will you shut up then? And also, learn to record in good quality and normal framerate...
  14. 1. bugged/shitty spectator mode and high ping (3), did you even read what I wrote 2. old player on new account, also BF4 is an easy game, if someone has experience in other shooters he will destroy BF4 noobs like you easily 4. so what, it's not hard to stomp noobs in public server 5. Means nothing, have you ever heard of trolling? lmfao You post total garbage and it shows you are bad, low level = he can't be good at the game? Zero logic, if the same player had a high level you would say nothing regardless of how he plays? Go spec any high ping player and they are also
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