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    Dawnbreaker has an mAA on both sides but the heli can still farm. Why is that? It's only like that if the heli crew is good enough. Same on siege, pilot needs to know what he is doing or he will die to stingers very quickly. Games where good players cant play well are games that people dont want to play, because then there is no incentive to play or improve in the first place. Same is on Dawnbreaker 8v8, the team that has the better heli will also tend to win the map, it's the game's reward for being better than your enemies.
  2. Wiz


    All things in good measure, after all no one is farming 24/7 and most of farmers usually choose to play on weak team on those vehicle based maps. Disagree, why not strive to become a better player, to stop people from farming or even becoming the pubstomper yourself?
  3. Wiz


    Just leaving this here
  4. Wiz


    Its better score and better kpm than he did, just stop crying
  5. Looks indeed like 1 shot kill hack
  6. 1. f0restfake 2. Aimbot & Wallhack 3. Panda 4. (video is still processing at the moment) Stats: http://pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=2&player=f0restfake Headshot / Kill 50.65 % http://pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=1&player=f0restfake
  7. Not hard when 1 metro round is 1 hour or longer...
  8. Just a guy who camps angles behind his whole team on metro, nothing special
  9. Obvious timestamp: 2:37
  10. 2020-09-17 10:09:30 TurabAbbasiBF4 Hack 2020-09-24 10:09:27
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