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  1. This plugin collects info not only in game but also from Battlelog. It's possible that you have same GUID as a player on origin and adkats got that info (which happens to be a cheater's stats). I dont know how does adkats collect info, maybe by GUID maybe some other way but the only thing that you can do is make a new account.
  2. This .44 magnum with laser and suppressor was spawned using a cheat - whether a dice dev did that or not, is unknown.
  3. skill ceiling in infantry > skill ceiling in jet + bf is only franchise along with arma to have jets, so if u can't play infantry in 2019 (every esports game ever, csgo, r6, etc) u are probably worthless anyway
  4. 90% of jet skill is practicing speed control so plz.
  5. Can you repeat yourself but actually form a coherent english sentence this time?
  6. No but "laws" never changed because no administrator replied on your topic from August 22.
  7. The problem is people in the past were wiped for it. So why ArchxR and moshkosh should get special treatment - the subject of this topic.
  8. I agree with Brendo: "glitch" needs to be defined, and either everyone is wiped or no one. ArchxR/Mosh thought that it was allowed - since last time no one got wiped for "glitch" spot. However administration did not reply on mosh-kosh's topic. So @moshkosh @ArchxR you had no right to use this spot/glitch, unfortunately, as Brendo pointed out.
  9. Reza - bored iranian who can't get 3 kd in public server, so accuse people of macro. About the glitch - people used it before (and epicenter roof too) but forum users said it's not glitch. So why they should get banned?
  10. Spaces in path to server executable will stop it from working without quotes?
  11. Wiz

    BAN SV BF4

    No one cares for your respect retard.
  12. ctapu4ok clearly cheated, there is no proof here
  13. Most of public hacks especially those with rare 2x damage cheat are already blacklisted. And what I said before about it stands.
  14. Your experiment is irrelevant. 0:12 explain this kill - you killed him in 2-3 frames from 100 to 0. doing a bogus experiment on empty noshahr server is not an explanation, if you are already going to dodge the accusations in this way at least record it - but of course you didn't do that either.
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