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  2. играл с репака обновившегося так же было, мне помогло с нуля скачать игру через Zlorigin, далее его закрываю и через 34H Launcher все отлично работает может кому тоже поможет
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  5. so uh i'm having the same error everyone else is having, dropout failed unknown file, downloaded the lastest version of both diablo 2 and Zclient when can this be fixed?
  6. Thank you for the clarification, it is important for me and certainly removes this suspicion
  7. 1. WALL_E, а также KANEKA 2. Похоже на аим+nospray или что там отвечает за разброс? 3. [rus]cl@n no borders 4. Доказательство: К сожалению, они включают/выключают софт периодически, поэтому поймать их было проблематично, отсюда не так много нарезок.
  8. Its a glitch. Go stand below tower jump and press E and boom you get inside the tower holding the machinegun!!!! what a cheat!!! you can do the same if you want.
  9. Ради проверки перед игрой в Dead Space 3 с напарником решил проверить работоспособность, сперва запустив кооператив для прохождения в соло. Какое-то время всё нормально, пока не появляется сообщение о потере соединения. В ZClient'е вижу разрыв связи без какой-либо ошибки(даже интернет-соединение не падало). Какие варианты можете посоветовать для решения проблемы?
  10. Does it bother you that he was standing at the bottom and after a moment moved upstairs, for some reason grabbed a machine gun, let go and started shooting unsuspecting players. Please tell me how he ended up on top and why did he grab a machine gun after moving? If he had run up the stairs, he would have seen these players. Are these shots the norm for you???
  11. where exactly do you see cheats????? nothing wrong here either, just a good player.
  12. Go sleep learn to play there is nothing wrong here.
  13. I created a script for automated deployment of Battlefield 4 Servers on ZLOemu. What do you need? A ubuntu server (debian might work too) MobaXTerm https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ (or any terminal with XServer, though it might even work with no gui at all) How to use: Download script and place them in /home/USER directory Download BF4 server software and ZServer.exe and also place in /home/USER directory start the script with bash installscript.sh Insert your params Wait... close everything once server starts It automatic
  14. Be realistic, do you think a noob/cheater can do what he did at 1:42? the guy knows how to play, maybe it's someone with a second account or someone who comes from origin. you must learn to differentiate cheaters from good players or this forum will be filled with your reports
  15. Not related with zclient, only game. D2R stores saves on your pc.
  16. amazing quality. you should stream and create a youtube channel.
  17. Hello. How to get my old saves from original diablo 2 resurected to play d2 with zclient. i have this issue with original d2 "you have not been online in the last 30 days diablo 2". Blizzard not helps me so i play with zclient. I have only one charachter and the file looks like that: Sika53368129.ctlo and .keyo. Its not .d2s Is it any solution to have my old saves with zclient?
  18. 1 blablablablabla 2 Type of hack: unknown (video ot the 1m43sec) 3 Russian server metro/locker 4 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al5jJg8IaGnYjlaK20gtbQxktHnw?e=cSokXa
  19. хакер и думать нечего все и так видно
  20. 1. Name: kirik1222 2. Wallhack + Aimbot 3. Level: 12 - 43ms 4. Pycckuu CEPBEP-Metro & Locker-
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