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  2. Good game.
  3. @BL4CKSMITH Hi. Let me help you send private message for me in discord my name:ZloJoker.
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  5. It looks like you don't have all dlc's installed. :/
  6. Don't use same acc in , use same acc in
  7. it worked thanks alot
  8. ok thank you for helping
  9. Hi, I have already asked that question on the discord group multiple times, and was told that no one could help me, but I'm not losing hope, so here it goes Sometimes when I join my server (with people on it, and sometimes without) the game suddenly closes down on the loading part right before the loadout screen and everyone gets kicked out of the server, but the server still runs. That also happens when switching or loading maps. I have tried a lot of things which none of them succeeded like: Running the bf3_server_final with administrator privileges, starting the server from complete 0, messing with router settings, disabling the router firewall and disabling all possible anti viruses on my pc. so yeah, if there's anyone that knows what might help here, you're pure gold
  10. @AboMokhtar idk if it will help, just put it into your game folder. default: (.../Program Files (x86)/Origin Games) ZUpdaterx64.dll
  11. when i try to loggin in zclint it says wrong password but with sam password i can loggin here help plzz..
  12. wheni open the game i get message say (ZUpdaterx64 is missing from your computer)
  13. Так вот, чем отличается strela77 от freedom-kill? Убийства одинаковые.
  14. Ok
  15. Not in near future.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Its work , I use it
  18. Again.
  19. the link is here bit its dont work
  20. @TheSgtAhmed You have an opportunity to create him independently!
  21. hello i want link zlo luncher for my low computer specifications i dont want luncher that take a size in ram and that make game lag .. ty note : i want luncher for bf3
  22. Just wondering if there are any plans to have a full stats page for BF4 similar to for BF3? One where you can look up other players stats as well as checking out your own stats? Thanks, Rich.
  23. no problem,glad it worked.
  24. when i click on play only battelfield 4 loading icon nothing happen next what should i do plz help
  25. Как по мне - он чист... И мне кажеться, что он переключает темп стрельбы (как будто миш от Bloody из тремья режимами)...
  26. You mean Sudden Movement?
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