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12 hours ago, Tahir9 said:

Actually guys. Can you pls tell me.

"Well, ohh, alright, bruhh" 

ZLOFENIX is a GOD, he sees everything - past • present • future, you cant hide anything from him.

` you may have 10 accounts and 1 of them is banned for cheating all other will be banned for multiacc but if none of your accounts is banned you can play at each one of them ^^

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    • By kerrog
      при запуске ZLorigin пишет что сетевая авторизация временно недоступна а при входе пишет что я не в сети.
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      qq, алл, значит решили мы с другом в dead space 3 поиграть, я зарегал акк, зашёл в прогу всё норм, он создал зашел в прогу у него бан ни за что.. Что делать?
      Его ник - MixFixMinecraft (ник фигня согл)

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      Hello, you can call me UnicornioAzul, I recently banned seven days for using a hack (and I must say it was fair ,_,) but this time I DID NOTHING ;-; when the seven days were over I even went back to playing Battlefiel 3, and those last days (yesterday) I couldn't log in anymore ... I was banned again, only this time I can't even log in to the ZLOemu website ... I literally went install a translation (note: i'm brazilian) i played some games with everything in portuguese, until i tried to log in yesterday ... i even uninstalled the version i had and downloaded the 23.3gb of the version made available by the ZLOemu website ... but still with no login success, until I find out that I was banned for ... cheating? I literally installed a simple translation, and still played without any problems ... PLEASE I LOVE THIS GAME !! forgive me for the terrible English I have ... Username: UnicornioAzul
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      сначала все было хорошо, но после того,как обновила игру до последней версии- перестали отображаться моды(все неконфликтные,я даже удаляла всю папку  модс,чтобы проверить), при запуске игры вылетала табличка с требованием разрешить моды. Я как обычно все разрешала,перезапускала игру-тоже самое. Потом игра даже запускаться перестала,хотела просто домик построить,но не вышло. Подскажите пожалуйста,что делать
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      Короче спустя некоторое время  решил я зайти на panda metro&locker  вообщем то меня выкинуло с сервера через секунды 2 с сообщением о ошибке punkbuster, просмотрел форум у многих такая проблема, и прочитал на одной из тем что можно создать новый аккаунт и попросить чтобы перенесли со старого на новый весь прогресс, так как мне это сделать? К кому обращаться? (bf4)
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      i dont know where to post this so i picked off topic
      I know its purelly sthetical but this error lol xd
      The surveillance medal displays that you need rush ribbons to get them xD
      @ZLOFENIX i know you missed it xd if u can u can fix it cuz new players may have confussion on what to do to get the medal

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      hi people, missed me? ( i know you dont)
      im downloading BF4 and wanna know where i can see my stats?
      something like this  https://bf3.zloemu.net/stats preferably
      insults allowed because im retarded people!!
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      Hi people, missed my retarded topics? dont worry! i got one for u xd
      not many servers are running DLC maps and gamemodes :c 
      i trully wanna play them whit 16+ people but only 2-4 persons for scarvenger??
      any idea to get a fully trully good amount of players in DLC server?
      if u tell me to launch my own Server pls giv me the R40 server files by uTorrent/Mega/Magnet ( im Venezuelan cant another way)
      also im located in Venezuela how much ping my server will have?
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      What is that?
      What does mean that?
      How i do it?
    • By DaYiyi
      Well em. i was thinking if i reach max lvl i wanna make a secondary acc to play from the start again
      just wanna know if i wont get banned from that (i saw that about multi-accs)
      i will like an answer from ZLOFENIX
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