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  1. Nope..To play with people who cheat less...I only used cheats here because it was really hard competing with other cheaters who spot and shot me even when completely hidden.. Zloefenix, play operation locker on the POCTOB server with lots of players and see what i am talking about
  2. But all said and done, i managed to purchase the game straight from origin with the help of a friend though...im back in business...Thank you guys for offering the game up for free though..You truly help those who cant afford the game from the origin sites..For that, i will always appreciate you guys.
  3. @Zlofenix..Ban psimera..He even included proof that he is a hacker..He kills me 10 times in a row, and he normally has kills above 100 in a game with 0 deaths..he even included proof in the sceenshots he sent..If u dont ban this guy, then you guys are really unfair..Check his logs you will see cheats he activated...Prove that you really are fair and take cheaters seroiusly..all i use was wall hack but this guy uses all the cheats incuding aimbots...PROVE that you are fair!!!
  4. Guys please forgive me..I cant bear not playing b4 online...I cant afford a store bought copy, hence you guys did us a big favour but i took it for granted..Plese help me guys
  5. i was banned for 7 days at first, but then given 365 days after second offence :(...B4 is just about the only game i ply..i finneshed the singleplayer about 8 times already
  6. Hi ZLOFENIX..Please sir i have a question...As this was only my second ban, wasnt it suppossed to be 60 days? i saw that the ban follow a sequence of 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, then 365 days..... Please sir reduce the time of my ban so that at least i have something to look forward to...You help us who cant afford the gaame a lot by offering it for free...Please bro Forgive....You can always monitor me from now on and you will never see a wh loaded again..
  7. Hi Admin...Please i want to sincerly aplogise for what i have done..Please unban me and i wear to never use wall hack again...I use b4 as a way of therapy after a long depressing day..i suffer from depresion and bf4 is the only way i have fun in my miserable life..Sorry for lying and insulting your intelligence...Please unban me..Love you guys Kind Regards VengenceUponThou
  8. 1) Account name: VengenceUponThou 2) Ban date: 6 June 2022 to 6 June 2023 3)Forum 4) Я думаю, что меня несправедливо забанили за читерство. В заголовке моего бана написано «форум»... Я не понимаю, почему, потому что я посвятил огромное количество времени игре и изучению того, где находятся враги.. Я также манипулирую настройками мыши и управлением отдача почти до совершенства при стрельбе. Пожалуйста, разбаньте меня, так как ко мне несправедливо отнеслись незаконные жалобы на форуме..Есть люди, которые стреляют в меня со всей карты из автоматов, это те, кто заслуживает бана..Я ч
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