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  1. 1. Aimbot and no spread 2. Panda all maps 3. Kozyr 4. https://clips.twitch.tv/AgileKawaiiCrabsFrankerZ-zj4vJ3lyTlb50NHk For me it's impossible to take down pilot so fast from such range without bipod
  2. This player had normal stats, but his kills were almost all headshots + it looks like an aimbot Here is a video of him: And I would look for his friends with NOOB tag too, their stats are suspicious. Especially player named: zero_two links for stats: Panda BF4 Stats - Nice_Drug_Bro - Panda (pandazlo.com) Panda BF4 Stats - zero_two - Panda (pandazlo.com)
  3. no matter if you are in aa with this loadout or not I will still make you mad, also nice account name And no, I am not killing only "noobs". Try better next time
  4. you can use missles in aa, stop sharing lies. Only passives/radar missles are blocked for better server enjoyment for all. You are able to kill heli in so many ways, there is also skill in this game.
  5. https://youtu.be/mqW8qs46LmI ESP + Aimbot Panda server
  6. This topic is not about politics or anything, for that you can talk in DM or anywhere else, not here. You can guess who I am and why I say that, yes second chance is given for you
  7. I give you example how we play heli, if you want we can record a round with tomek just for you only. I don't understand what you want now? Me streaming every round to make you think I don't cheat?
  8. rammed the heli ? Are you blind, I have told multiple times type !rules, but instead of that, you can see I typed n*****. Your ban will be gone after this day, but if I see you doing it once again I won't give another chance for you
  9. banned for ram, yes I call people like you like that, you are going 0.2kd and cry cheats, any better player = cheat. You will be unbanned today
  10. Bartis

    api keeper zlo

    Thanks, I can see data for server, but can't really see player names, this is what I need
  11. Bartis

    api keeper zlo

    Is there any api backend you publically share? https://keeper.battlelog.com/snapshot/ is from official bf4. I want to get a simple list of current players playing on selected server for simple discord embed list and that's all, thanks
  12. I have recorded 59-5 4.6KPM BF3. On my channel you can see few full gameplays here
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