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  1. Kick/warn implementation is in adkats, but I guess you only want those parts, not whole bloated plugin. Your job to find it. Reports: Read messages through rcon and then match to your case you would like to. (regex) For notify, easiest and best is to request discord api with your webhook url. For inspection idk what you want, webhooks are not enough for this... probably My Result:
  2. Only to add, I deal with some kind of stalker who writes same thing for months and message me in 3 different languages, to only prove he can use translator. messages
  3. Please restrict yourself on YOUR servers only. What the fuck is your problem with me coding, maybe I should lose my job and quit it because one old dumbass is crying. I don't need you to believe if my screenshots are real, I am not a guy who spends all day to fake one compressed screen. I can prove it by many ways, but what's that for? For making nothing because your types are born with hating others. Maybe if I am from your country you would accept all hacks I make for you? Think of what you say, every single thread turns to be directed hate speech against group of people, with you giving no
  4. So I am the worst, even after I did zero attacks on any server. You know who do it and still say it's me. Ban me and all players because your old ass can't understand anything.
  5. You think we are 24/7 on server. I joined, I saw it and banned cuz you don't listen. I already have a solution that will do it for me automatically.
  6. People join the game to play, not see any politics. And we gave xanders too many chances so I left him with perm ban. And to keep everyone neutral, we started banning for this. If you don't like it and see bf4 as politics game then create your own server where you allow it. I don't understand why you literally moan why, the reason is simple, we are neutral in game.
  7. There are other players from Russia who got banned with this label - lie more Xanders, you had chance so many times in past to stop breaking rules or even stop messaging stupid messages. Xanders loop: 1. Open bf4 2. When you die often, say they are cheaters 3. Say panda sucks and other servers have 0 cheaters 4. Get banned for that 5. Cry on forum 6. Take no notes at all
  8. Interesting, you want to prove what exactly in there the superior over one poor country in game? There are like 30%-40% players from this country and I don't think they like your way of thinking. I told you to change tag, but no - you will continue your brainless thoughts. There was NEVER any ban for being Russian or will be, I strictly hate including any politics in the game.
  9. you can only get callstack from x64 by debugging, there is no any files anywhere for original source. since it's multithread and you have there crash, maybe you threw crazy amount of cores to config?
  10. Writing stories without any proof, congrats on making useless thread.
  11. Bartis


    @ saga Full Gameplays - YouTube just stop spreading your "news" to new low level players. I understand all what you usually type about me.
  12. name: Hunt3r proof: minimap Due to restrictions from bf, screens are not in perfect quality, although you should still see the nickname aswell as marked enemies. Notice screens from map called "propaganda", there was no mav and yet every enemy was visible for him.
  13. Bartis


    Wrong section + should be named "Report detected retard" it fits you very well. And soon you will be banned on the forums for this spam. Cope + seethe + ratio
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