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  1. Broccoli Chams 2nd ss to confirm it's him
  2. 2024_03_22_02_03_52_384, from my filename it's ru moscov time, year, month, day, hour, min, sec
  3. Fatar535 Wh, spread, aim https://youtu.be/nsM48VtC37o
  4. There is no need to explain everything for someone who goes off topic. You call pointing out your mistakes as russphobia, it is not. The reason is that you overthink it. 00:35 he could hear, or his squadmates informed him about it, he played with squadmates he usually play with. 1:04 fairly normal kill, he saw all his squad going c, and c spawns are often at snow, especially if nobody is there from your team. With wallhack you literally would stop running and perfectly preaim, meanwhile this encounter was awkward. 2:17 he tried to do the glitch with crouch from the wall, it failed. He
  5. Ro7i__iraq91 Chams His other accs: Terminator-T800, TERMINATOR_T800
  6. Don't assume things, and I suggested it, because it's fastest way of closing the topic. But sure, keep believing yourself that I asked it for nothing.
  7. I don't care about your lack of education, and please paste my sentence to translator once again. I know you love it.
  8. Delusional hockage with changing topic. Crying if his bot-stomp is stopped, but sure, I am the one who is responsible for crying in your eyes. Admin asked for the video, you start getting angry, admin asked for more, you decided to stop playing. Who is wrong here? If I were you, I would simply make everything to close this topic and make all people sure that you don't cheat. And what you decided is to take it personally. I have already given my opinion that banning you right now is unjustified.
  9. PRO (on your level, just glitching every wall to wall). Much skills wow, aimer g0d
  10. жаль, продолжай лгать
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