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  1. Yes, because it's too much effort for you, right? "We", there is no we, you posted a forum thread where everyone has access to respond. Clearly you are shizo if you see cheats on that video. And nobody has gone personal yet. You are delusional, admins barely know how to click buttons in online games represent a status of "experienced" players, yet you don't know such common spectactor bugs.
  2. Rostov admin be like: I see 10kd+ he is a cheater. Next time use the video editor. 8:18 - nothing weird, spectactor bug, and can happen on client as well. 10:03 - he touched the ground, therefore the heli could move faster. 15:00 - nothing, enemy kept going straight line 20:00 - ??? 22:45 - how is this even considered as cheat? his aim is terrible at that time 23:30 - record more moments like that, although it's doable without any assistance 25:13 - ???
  3. Sacha34 Aimbot, spread compensate, esp
  4. He played exactly same before and after you joined, so what's the deal? You still think he turned off cheats even with knowing you joined on spectactor slot, that makes no sense for your kind of thinking. The only result is you falling into his bait, he saw you leaving, he started trying to look suspicious. The reasoning is to laugh at you I guess, and it worked, you even created the thread about him.
  5. Also sidenote, you can check manually players on the server, its not hard to go on zloemu servers site, ctrl+f admin name and check. Everyone with working brain is able to check if admin joined spectactor by this way
  6. His pov only shows that he baited the admin or spectactor to think those ranfom flicks are aimbot. If its really aimbot then why his flicks are going completely to nowhere. Hes clean
  7. Fengzhiping Assistance + ESP Short explanation for clips: 1st clip: snow flank holding, weird prefire at end. 2nd clip: probably no spread. At the end on D point he prefired a guy very obviously. 3rd clip: shooting through line of smoke. 4th clip: preaiming at E. 5th clip: normal at start, and then something very weird happened. He couldn't aim at the visible guy at the ground. Like his crosshair was locked on the guy lying behind those boxes. Shortly after he got revived you can see that guy. Last clip: he struggled to jump on those stairs, and when he got
  8. not really, there is nothing in vids
  9. It's hard to tell if it's a good player or cheater based on that evidence. 2:31 is weird because he had very weird target selection - you pushed and instead of aiming at you, he aimed at the AFK player, can't really say it was intentional. 50/50.
  10. Recoil with spread don't really apply well into camera view angle for spectactors. You have been told that in the past. There is nothing in the video
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