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  1. I was banned just because of my name. What justice I apologize What else should I do?
  2. Just tell me why I was banned forever, I did nothing, my rank is 140
  3. In our country, the name Mahdi is very common Ping our country between 110 to 180
  4. I did not understand what you were saying Why I was banned
  5. Another is wrong, I must be punished Please watch the movie again and comment https://youtu.be/A7mp8_e-Pkk
  6. I do not know this person at all because we are from the same country and ping. That person is cheating .i am banned
  7. Hi, why was I banned? I saw the movie 10,000 times. Tell me what is the reason? I do not know what fraud is. Please watch the movie too garry
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