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  1. Funny fact - I saw a guy with similar name in Warzone and he also used a hack
  2. Brendo


    1 - If you don't like server management - buy VPS and start your own. 2 - Your speech is at a level corresponding to a person who has only reached the 6th grade at school. 3 - If you don't like that I delete your comments (which are in violation) - GTFO!
  3. Brendo


    I have nothing to comment on his statement, some time ago he registered here with a female name
  4. + his nickname says it all, what a brain invalid you have to be to use such a name
  5. In the official version, such players do not impress you, but here it is strongly expressed. There were many strange actions in the video in which he was reported, but after he provided a first-person video, it's gone.
  6. I see that I have made a mistake and I have wrongly accused him. Many thanks to Wiz for giving his opinion.
  7. I've said it before - the advantage of having a gaming mouse.
  8. And rest assured, I know you and your bro friend insulted me a lot because you had to record videos. I'm not particularly impressed with your opinion of me. You are not the first and you will not be the last to offend me (not here). A lot of people have done it and continue to do it.
  9. Mouse settings. Every gaming mouse has the option to kill the recoil, if you set it up well. Oh my God. It returns me to the starting position. "Так что давай ты отбросишь все эти твои намёки про геев в сторону" , hmm did I said something about g*ys? I was talking about "Bros love" but I obviously confused you
  10. I saw what I had to see and I said IT'S OKAY!!! Of course, it's not what we saw in Locker but its OKAY. I let others express their opinions, but you continued to dig and make fun of the whole situation. But yes, I was wrong - he can obviously play. I'm sorry, Axeg. But I wanted something, but I didn't get it.
  11. And I will repeat it again if you want to re-read it - I ASKED FOR LOCKER VIDEO WITH AEK, NOT FOR METRO VIDEO WITH AK-12, His metro video is okay. But you dig even deeper in your quest to protect your friend, who obviously just can't defend himself.
  12. @PsiMera you are right for only one - all the people upstairs are quiet, obviously they afraid of their ascent
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