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  1. 60 bullets in his head and he is still alive? only if 50 are around his head
  2. "Glitching" is controlled by server admins. Only in some specific situations - ZLOFENIX takes an action. Talk with server owner/admin, which is WaNdErEr_ROVER
  3. Brendo

    KHAN-BABY Appeal

    This whole situation smells like "help me guys, Fenix banned me, support me in my thread because I've said tons of sh*t and did tons of sh*t" You are lucky Fenix forgives. I don't think he deserve to be unbanned, he needs to pay for his actions but maybe in a parallel universe there is a person who will ddos khanbaby every time he try to play, might be God or someone with very-very strong bandwidth + the fact that you've sent him crasher.exe in past is not *suspicious* , "I sent you an .exe before on e-mail if you can decompile it, you may find."
  4. bipod glitch + spectator bug = ooo, he is cheating.
  5. if people start report every player that insult them or their religion, skin tone and etc. , forum will have 150 topics everyday, behave yourself.
  6. Record longer video, 1 kill is not enough (in this case is not even oneshot kill). It seems weird that it kills you behind the column (I don't know if it's a column at all) but sometimes there are glitches...
  7. Good old days in bf4 and bf1 - all selfmade emblems.
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