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  1. https://zloemu.net/faq?id=3 + to run a good server you need VPS.
  2. Must be dog tags that you took from enemy players aka the names of the people you killed with a knife. Is not working for me too.
  3. This is forum users. He is asking about active emu players.
  4. In this situation, he is basically 90% covered, it looks like he is shooting the wall but spectator is lying. For me he is good + aimbot goes hand in hand with one shot hack.
  5. Brendo

    PunkBuster ban

    Try with new account.
  6. 0 24 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked by PunkBuster.
  7. Ваши подозрения подтвердятся, но помните, азиатский черно-белый медведь пострадает из-за его действий против Русские серверы здесь. (:
  8. I think I've given you enough this year. If I didn't close my eyes, you would already be banned.
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