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  1. I'm pretty sure they still have the !report [player name] [reason] option. WaNdErEr_ROVER and other guys will check it out.
  2. Spectator bugs. Most of the time you can see that he is aiming next to him and kills him.
  3. He is shooting spotted players, what aim hack?
  4. This is the problems with soft aim - when he shoot and the target get his cover he keep shooting(walls) and that leave him uncovered, most of the time he is not even ads and hitting perfect headshots. @ ZLOFENIX
  5. Karen82 - feel free to create new topic when you have video proof and please follow the "Report example"
  6. ++ previous 2022-02-28 21:10:46 PIDORMAMKA BF4 Hack 2022-03-07 21:10:45
  7. one million warning points enough?
  8. Dear ZLO gamers! We sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Let this coming year be filled with prosperity and contentment! • Уважаемые игроки ZLO! Мы искренне желаем вам счастливого Рождества и Нового года! Пусть этот наступающий год будет наполнен благополучием и удовлетворением!
  9. You keep insulting forum staff , even with slavery hints???? #BANNED! PS - Oh yeah - If join with yours Lemencios or Lemencion and keep doing this "thirsty for attention shit" you will end up banned again!
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