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  1. Brendo

    [BF3-4-HL] Evonix Launcher

    The best launcher!!!! Good job brother
  2. 1 • Игры из серии Battlefield™ стали очень дешевыми )) Количество игроков в официальных версиях превосходит ЗЛО. 2 • Сумма уменьшается, потому что большинство людей являются хакерами и блокируют их. 3 • Несколько серверов также оказывают влияние. Помните, что проект свободен!
  3. Brendo


    Nice job bro @ZLOFENIX
  4. Oни все еще думают, что Феня удалит все запреты
  5. 44 people voted with - Give a chance, but only 20 are real people, other 24 is multi accounts (banned by zlo poor trash losers)
  6. Brendo


    Несколько дней назад я играл с его, он не смог сделать более 25 убийств с 60 смертями, но он нашел свое решение ))и теперь будет платить за свои действия!
  7. Brendo


    1 • SAB3LO (113 rank, ping 207) 2 • No spread, wallhack and damage hack. 3 • Русский сервер 4 •
  8. About wallhack - not sure, but im sure he is macro or no spread!
  9. Yo, bro :) contact me at PM , need to ask you something. 

  10. Brendo

    minghoutao kithack

    Hi g*y, good catch.
  11. Brendo

    Battlfield 4 Multiplayer Bots?

    [CN] =xx99= Bf4 QQqun:137736942 is having bots , just join there.
  12. Brendo

    can't connect to any server [BF4]

    High ping servers also giving 0 6-1, if u try to play at some bot servers..
  13. Brendo


    Nice at BOT servers is full with hackers, good job @Trahtor3418
  14. There's a reason these players to be in banlist. Did you ever heard official to unban players?? No, if they ban you for cheating you need to create new acc and buy games again, which is awesome, poor cheaters will not back in game. Official is worldwide, is not like in ZLO(at this server you have lag because is located somewhere far away from you). I mean every nation have servers full af. And what you expect, bf3 is 10$ is not 100$ like in past. Don't get it wrong but CHEATERS made lots of players to leave not something else.
  15. This is just stupid, unban whole banlist looks like to piss at labor all these years.