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  1. Isn't it that MaDuHa from past?
  2. What wallhack? He shots you through a wall / container this is something stronger.
  3. @Thurrax I think he can help you.
  4. How do you expect someone to help you when you have locked your own topic?
  5. As jopece said : "Unban date 01.05.2020", don't be an idiot next time.
  6. Admins should ask him to record and if he doesn't = BAN, оr if he makes it and its clean - cool. #I say again - this is my opinion!
  7. Do you think someone will pay a price higher than the price of the game and will use it in ZLO but that's my opinion # Over the years the illusion has emerged that good players like Psi-Mera are zlobf4 gods and when someone better comes in and starts "!report hacker , !report impossible skills for zlo player , !admins , !help me i'm here to r*pe noobs but this pro player it's bothering me."
  8. I can research any hacking forum and I will not find such a hack , unless that player recoded someone else's code.
  9. Looks like recoil reducer/with gaming mouse software you can do it. But it is not "silent aimbot" and what the heck is silent aimbot. There is no such a thing as silent aimbot. + as I can see [IW] clan reporting him and as I remember KONSTANTIN is one of [IW] -> back in time he was reports every good player.
  10. 00:19 - pure karma but yeah. @ZLOFENIX
  11. 1st kill reminds me of the meme - "Oh hello there!!"
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