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  1. Brendo


    Everybody gangsta until Wiz and his friends shows up.
  2. Brendo


    @Lemencio The emblem is offensive but there is a topic to report it and looks like you're not up to date with this game at all. KPOP_CHAD has 1000x more hours played in the game than you and he is official bf4 pro grinder. Аs I said before - once a player from the official BF4 goes into ZLOBF4, it is simply intended that he will be reported. @Lemencio Click and stop cry.
  3. Funny fact - I saw a guy with similar name in Warzone and he also used a hack
  4. Brendo


    1 - If you don't like server management - buy VPS and start your own. 2 - Your speech is at a level corresponding to a person who has only reached the 6th grade at school. 3 - If you don't like that I delete your comments (which are in violation) - GTFO!
  5. Brendo


    I have nothing to comment on his statement, some time ago he registered here with a female name
  6. + his nickname says it all, what a brain invalid you have to be to use such a name
  7. In the official version, such players do not impress you, but here it is strongly expressed. There were many strange actions in the video in which he was reported, but after he provided a first-person video, it's gone.
  8. I see that I have made a mistake and I have wrongly accused him. Many thanks to Wiz for giving his opinion.
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