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  1. Mr Fenix

  2. Рыбу убивает открытый рот.

  3. Bad Emblems - REPORT!

    for a hand holding a di*k?
  4. Bad Emblems - REPORT!

    This one must be cleared!
  5. I can not play online anymore :(

  6. Is this guy hacking?

    Sewitz mate chill out , huh. Btw how many accounts you will change just to keep playin' with your MACRO in Pyckuu CEPBEP? )))) Yus i'm real noob, but i can make your PRO noob account rly sad when you seen msg - 0-5 Banned from this server for macro. , you know ) #Locked
  7. Is this guy hacking?

    He's big noob, but not a hacker. @Stewie2K
  8. gfdsgdfgsdfgsdf

  9. Heello

    Just repair your bf3 via Zlorigin -.-
  10. I need help (about stats)

    "I have many account in zlo-bf3 and I wasnt know multi-account is a reason for ban" Multiacc ban is - when one of your accounts is banned for cheating, all other would be banned for multiacc, there's no chance stats from other accounts to be sended to your main, but idk. Maybe @ZLOFENIX will delete them but for sure will not transfer stats from all accounts to main.
  11. Can't Play Punkbuster Servers in BF3

    what is saying pipe ?
  12. SOILD-pain

  13. Hacker

    video ?