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  1. as I remember - you need to unlock sniper M417 first and then think about jng-90 and conquest domination servers, its bad but even in official version is hard to unlock because game is too old
  2. @ZLOFENIX damage hack + low aimbot
  3. Its 2020 and there are still people who believe in antivirus programs Zclient is clean - stop use antivirus and start use your brain.
  4. Ohhh, I'm tired of idiots. 1 - Follow "Report Example". 2 - When you report a BF3/BF4 hacker, you need to provide a video. My opinion - I think this is situation type 300 fps vs 30 fps.
  5. Any type of personal drama with AMSTEL server admin is discussing with AMSTEL Owner. Pay for VPS and host your own server where you will be admin and you will control things
  6. Lack of professionalism. Do you really expect from me to watch 1 hour video where 90% of players are clear or just lucky or super laggy (150-500 ping). • Start cutting and pasting the videos (Nobody will watch 30+ minutes long videos just to see - NOTHING). • Report players only if you're 100% sure they use hacks/codes. • Get acquainted with the types of hacks. #Locked.
  7. 2. Error -196613:0/-196610:0 Solution: Use VPN for Windows.
  8. Spectator mode has some bugs but this is clear AIMBOT. And I really don't know why does it stretch so long. + he came here and started with - "Using snipers, always shooting at head, 1 sh 1 kill, where tf am i supposed to shoot Same shit with other weapons Sometimes i get lucky with snipers sometimes i dont" BUT HE USE AEK AND AIMBOT, NOT SNIPER. He is a complete idiot, he doesn't even know how to lie.
  9. D0MINO is 20000000% aimbot anyone can see it. + His post here is just TRASH talk like him. In the presence of video that shows how he use aimbot.
  10. @ZLOFENIX both of them - cheaters.
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