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    • By MaShiro2116
      Hi guys, I installed the new EP (Discover University) and Update. When i try to open TS4 my game doesn´t open, I tried everything and nothing works :((
    • By CureDream05
      Hello!i have a problem about zclient!when i try to open it nothing appens can you guys help me?now I know that you will say "turn off the anti virus, pull the wifi up, update the pc" these things have nothing to do with it. my anti virus is disabled, I'm connected to wifi and the pc is up to date. Yours sincerely Cure Dream
    • By Jenni
      zclient se conecta a mí, pero cuando entro en sims 4, pasa un tiempo y el juego cierra el origen y zclient se desconecta. Tengo una computadora portátil con Windows 10 de 64 bits
    • By JaceyWaceyWo
      everytime i finish making a sim and go to move into brichester the game goes to load and then crashes. no crash log or anything. it could be mods i suppose but its not happening in any other world. help
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    • By JaceyWaceyWo
      I've downloaded and played sims with this installer for quite a bit now, but as of yesterday its started giving me the error "The program can't start because ZUpdaterx32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem"

      I've redownloaded the entire thing, replaced the EXISTING ZUpdaterx32.dll file, redownloaded sims. nothing seems to be working! please help
    • By GreeenPNZ
      Вот решил вспомнить и всплакнуть)). Как все начиналось и как развивалось
      Самое первое видео закрытого теста бф3 эмулятора. На который конечно же набежали клоуны из нексуса
    • By ryujinlatte
      Hello, i'm new here so i totally don't know what to do, but i need help because zlorigin won't let me install the sims 3. i don't have the original game but i don't think that's the problem, the download of the base game + some expansions went good, it was all perfect until i had to install the game (there zlorigin didn't install the game, the installation didn't last a second like....) do you know what i have to do?
    • By groster
      Почистил все програмой IOBIT Advanced caresystem, потом захотел зайти в бф4 а вылезла ошибка про dinput.dll.Я скачал этот файл "dinput.dll" заменил в коренной папке бф4. Запустил уже без ошибки но не работает мультиплеер. Zclient и zlorigin запущен. ПОМОГИТЕ С ОШИБКОЙ!!!!
    • By infantry
      hi dear users and admin .
      i have bought a new system that runs on win 10.
      i have copied the BF3 from the old system on the new laptop .
      when i want to join a server the game asks for a validation account (key) i join with my account but i face with an error .
      The second error i get is d3d11.ddl missing from system 32 folder (i check the folder and .dll is available and i install DRX 12 /DRX 11/ DRX  10 but the error still appears)
      Please help .

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