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    • By SimMandy
      So since the last update, I'm able to login with the server, but zlorigin wont open! Even when I try to run as an administrator. I don't know what to do! Please help!
    • By Lennie
      FAQ Zclient/Zlorigin  // FAQ The Sims 4

      Если у Вас установлен репак игры, но вы хотели бы перейти на версию от Zlorigin, то это можно сделать несколькими способами.

      1. И самый простой, но напрямую зависит от игры. Некоторые репаки сами правильно прописывают пути реестра. И всё, что Вам нужно - это
      Подключиться к Zclient  Запустить Zlorigin Он сам найдёт игру и начнёт проверять её файлы, и, в случае чего, дакачает то, что нужно. В настройках Zlorigin выберите путь, куда установлена игра.
      Или же найти игру, нажать ПКМ и выбрать "Устранить неполадки"

        2. У Вас есть игра, но для Zlorigin она не установлена, и предлагает скачать.
      Скачайте этот файл:ZInstaller.bat Поместите его в папку с игрой
      Запустите. Выберите язык и нажмите Enter. Он будет спрашивать разрешения для установки всех дополнений.
      Если всё хорошо, то должно быть так.
      Не помогло, попробуйте проделать то же самое, но с этим файлом ZInstaller(1).bat
    • By iammad
      I have this problem. How can I solve this ? I tried to delete EA license file but it didn't work.

    • By DE4TH
      Help, everything was fine until the first update today. I'm trying to join to a server from BF4 Launcher (which i always do), everything seems fine, game runs, but on zclient, i cant see that the game has ran. The game is trying to connect the server, but it closes quickly and the game launcher gives me this message:

    • By pesci
      Hello Guys!
      First, I'm really sorry if I ask my question - maybe - in a wrong topic, but I'm new in this forum and I can't write everywhere here in the forums.
      So, today I meet a great problem with my ZClient. I started it, because I wanted to play Sims 4 and my virus scanner reported, that Zx32.dll and the Zx64.dll are infected with Trojan.Win64.Shelma.bqt and Trojan.Win64.Shelma.bqv viruses. The Client has updated itself and after this I get the message from the scanner. I don't understand this, because I never had this message before after the updates.  I played the game 2 days ago and since I don't installed a new mod or something else, it runs perfect, I didn't get this message. Everytime when I start the client, my scanner says again and again the problem.
      This could be true or not?
      Thanks really much for the help!

    • By moonflower
      Whenever I try to open zclient, it closes in a few seconds and I can not open Zlorigin. I've reinstalled everything, disabled the antivirus, restarted the computer and nothing happened, help?
      (My login is usually done)
      Sorry for the bad english...
    • By ZEKBOTgamer
      hi and  i have a problem that i am not able t download any games from Zlorigin and i get and error of 196613:200 and i also tried the fix for the problem of 196613:0 but it did not work  PLS HELP
    • By David200097
      So today I wanted to download The Sims 2 for nostalgia reasons. But I got download failed and an error that said "We encountered a problem." there was no error code. Then I thought, oh silly me i didn't had VPN on so I tried again. The download failed again, but this time I got no error message. Then when I tried to relaunch both ZClient and ZLOrigin the download still failed. Tried to do the common troubleshooting (reinstalling etc.), download failed, tried to download something else, download failed, tried everything and nothing worked. Then I saw this tiny little message in ZClient (image included) that "ZLO Cert not installed." I don't understand, a week ago everything was fine. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it.

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