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    • By ZEKBOTgamer
      hi and  i have a problem that i am not able t download any games from Zlorigin and i get and error of 196613:200 and i also tried the fix for the problem of 196613:0 but it did not work  PLS HELP
    • By David200097
      So today I wanted to download The Sims 2 for nostalgia reasons. But I got download failed and an error that said "We encountered a problem." there was no error code. Then I thought, oh silly me i didn't had VPN on so I tried again. The download failed again, but this time I got no error message. Then when I tried to relaunch both ZClient and ZLOrigin the download still failed. Tried to do the common troubleshooting (reinstalling etc.), download failed, tried to download something else, download failed, tried everything and nothing worked. Then I saw this tiny little message in ZClient (image included) that "ZLO Cert not installed." I don't understand, a week ago everything was fine. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it.

    • By Ivey
      При присоединение к серверу выскакивает авторизация. Что делать?
    • By HighSnobiety
      • Download and Install "ZloOrigin" •
      Download link  
      (ZloOrigin Download)

      • 1 • Download the official Origin
      (Official Origin Download)
      • 2 • Install, but do not run (or get out of Origin)
      • 3 • Download, unzip and install ZloOrigin
      • 4 • Run ZClient (After starting the program runs to tray - near the clock)
      Login with your email and password from http://zloemu.net click connect and wait to update and log us into system
      4.1 ZClient - Zclient Download!
      • 5 • Start ZloOrigin , after start he should log in and immediately open.
      • 6 • Downloading a game (or troubleshoot in the game) Download the game and all the DLC's for it. 
      There are 3 way to start the game:
      • 1 • Choose your game at the bottom of Zclient and press"Run".
      2 • Open a browser (preferably Yandex or those browsers that have NAPI) , (zclient needs to be online)
      • 3 • Use Launcher  (zclient needs to be online)
      • 9 • Update PunkBuster. (Punkbuster download)
      • 10 • Join the game, have fun! 
      • 11 • If the game is closed without reason or gives you a problem, download PIPE.exe and start it before join in game and when game close again without reason
      PIPE will show you your problem
      ( Pipe.exe )
      • 12 • If you want to use launcher not browser

      • 13 • Bat file to clear Origin cache (DelOriginCache_.bat)


      5 1-1 -> Problem with х64 bit version, need to use x86 
      3 1-1 -> Problem with license file, delete C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts (hidden folder)
      0 4 -> Game disconnected: you were kicked out by a game admin. 
      0 5 -> Game disconnected : you have been banned from this server.
      0 6 -1 ->Game disconnected : You were disconnected from Master! (Remove Origin from task manager and start again zclient) 
      0 14 -> Game disconnected : your connection to the server timed out.
      0 20 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked for inactivity
      0 23 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked by an admin.
      0 24 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked by PunkBuster.
      0 38 -> Game disconnected : you were kicked by  FairFight 
      1 1 -1 ->Game disconnected : Game files are corrupted
      4 12 -> Game disconnected : you are banned on the server
      0 27 -> Game disconnected : Set the original Origin
      16 -1 -> ZLOrigin error! Please start the game in 32bit mode (x86).
      0 7 -1 -> Game disconnected : Server have password

    • By rampeges
      Добрый вечер. Возникла такая проблема.  Использую zlorigin для симс, и на эту игру недавно выкатили новое длс. Захожу в акк, чтобы скачать длс и обнаруживаю, что аккаунт совершенно пустой, игр на нем нет и добавить в игру ничего соответственно не получается,хоть и зашла как обычно через клиент. Пару раз бывало такое, что акк сбрасывался и показывало что он пустой и с другой аватаркой(но после этого обычно перезаходила и все было в норме, а сейчас ни в какую). Тем не менее, установленные  игры все равно запускаются через клиент,хоть и библиотека аккаунта пустая. Помогите разрулить 
    • By rafaelgh
      Hello Guys Good afternoon 
      My name is Rafael and I have The The Sims 4 installed on my pc also I have Zlorigin and Zclient installed too. 
      I've been using zlorigin and zcliente since 2018 and I've never had error with it. But recentely it has occurred an erro with my Zlorigin when I try to repair or update my the sims 4 I see the error message - 196610:0 and i can't solve it.  
      I've already tried to remove all zlorigin and clean the cache and I've already to remove zclient and reinstall again but it doesn't work the error keeping show it 
      I would like to fix it. 
      If you could help me I appreciate it 
      Thanks for all support. 
      Good afternoon

    • By M4tr1xx97
      Hola amigos.
      Tengo el siguiente problema, seguí las instrucciones que figuran en el siguiente enlace: How to start playing?
      y al momento de ejecutar el BFLauncher desde la carpeta de instalación, con el zclient y el zlorigin corriendo, me aparece el siguiente error.

      Si alguien me puede ayudar o decir como debo realizar la instalación.
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