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  1. only pause-resume because of downloading links die every 5 mins. The alternative is torrent
  2. dont launch zlorigin, just run the game from zclient, at the bottom of the program
  3. Нужно ставить на паузу и возобновлять скачивание до того, как скорость упадёт до 0. Т.е. каждые минуты 4. Или же злориджин будет вылетать постоянно
  4. is it a ssd hard drive? and are all the admin rights on?
  5. режим совместимости стоит с xp или windows 8?
  6. run sims 4 from zclient, zlorigin acts weird lately for this game.
  7. if you mean that the downloading stuckson queue or gives an error, you can update the game with torrent. If it drops to 0 and crashes, --> pause-resume every 4 minutes. Dont let the speed drops
  8. we have several faq topics about that if you cant use zlorigin
  9. according to the screen above it's launched. Try to delete game cache, remove tray, saves and mods folder and run the game only from zclient
  10. after the previous update, zlorigin stops runnig the game completely, even tho it starts doing really weird things with the sims 4. I think it's because of ea changes. you can try to "reinstall" the game with this file ZInstaller.bat, place it into the game folder and run. It should fix missing dlcs. Also, run the game from zclient only if you dont need zlorigin for something else
  11. нет как такового решения. Можно попробовать уюитб процессы Origin.exe в диспетчере задач, если есть, и почистить кэшDelOriginCache_.bat
  12. нет, как только злофеникс сможет, так и будет
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