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  1. Lennie

    IP retrace

    if you're able to download from zlorigin, so you download from the cloud, not torrent
  2. Lennie

    Problem downloading games

    no need to install origin for sims
  3. Lennie


    try to repair the game in zlorigin. Right mouse click on the gamr icon. And also delete localthumbcache in the game folder in Documents.
  4. Lennie

    Thank you!

    @MamaNL aww anytime, bae
  5. Lennie

    Problem with ZClient

    have you all received Win update recently? or smth like that?
  6. Lennie


    комп или его детальки б/у?
  7. Lennie

    Problem with ZClient

    high ping for connecting. try to disable all the not important processes and restart your router
  8. Lennie

    Zclient disconnecting

    omg, its really weird process, lol If you want to do the donation, we have several platforms here https://zloemu.net/donate
  9. Lennie

    Zclient disconnecting

    Not sure I can do it, cuz the problem seems to be in a system. If its possible u can do a system backup to when it connected without problems
  10. значит, антивирус млм защитник
  11. Lennie

    Zclient disconnecting

    have you tried to change cable/wifi, or another connection as 4g or provider? Try also a clean boot
  12. Lennie


    what is your nickname on zlo?
  13. How to host my own server? This is the general instruction how to host your own server. If you face some troubles, please, read actual FAQ or Archive with servers dedicated topics. If this doesn't help, feel free to ask your fully described questions here. First you need to download all required files: 1. Download Server Files R14 for BFH 2. Download Server Launcher 3. Register your server here 4. Under your client account ( that you need to play with to activate it ) 5. Edit the *.bat file with following content: set INSTANCEDIRECTORY=%~dp0Instance set SERVERNAME=YOUR SERVER NAME :: Choose your server name set GAMEPORT=25000 set REMOTEADMINPORT= :: IP and port for procon set ADMINPASSWORD=YOURPASS :: To connect to procon set PINGSITE=ams set REGION=EU ::Country where server is hosted set ZLOGIN=******* ::server login set ZPASS=******* ::server pass start bfh_server_Final.exe -serverInstancePath "%INSTANCEDIRECTORY%" -Server.ServerName "%SERVERNAME%" -GamePort %GAMEPORT% -RemoteAdminPort %REMOTEADMINPORT% +admin.password "%ADMINPASSWORD%" -PingSite %PINGSITE% -Region %REGION% -zlogin %ZLOGIN% -zpass %ZPASS% exit 6. Run ZServer.exe 7. Start your server through StartServer.bat Basic Settings / How to set up your own server? Also in the Admin folder, These files are required: BanList.txt - Players you ban in procon will be saved here MapList.txt -Map rotation list ReservedSlotsList.txt -List of nicknames to reserve slots in server 2. How to start your server:2.1 - Start ZServer.exe 2.2 - Start StartServer.bat 2.3 - Have fun with your server.
  14. Lennie


    To please you with all the upcoming DLCs for The Sims 4 as fast as possible, we need to buy them. There are three kinds of DLCs: Expansion Packs (39.99€ // 1499₽ or apparently 2000₽ since "Get Famous") Game Packs (19.99€ // 999 ₽) Stuff Packs (9.99€ // 499 ₽) So that's why we ask for donation to be able to have them on time. How to donate on DLCs? It's very simple, you can donate from 1 zlo =1 rus rub (Currency Converter) to any you'd like to give. To do so, you: go to zlobilling.org (subcategory The Sims). Choose the amount you want to donate. "Description: Piggy bank for The Sims DLCs. Only for them, not for project support. How much do you want to donate?" Enter your Email and choose how you would pay "Service name: Sims - Sims Amount: 10zlo Enter your email: Choose payment System: Bank Cards or Payment Terminals or electronic currency " Press "Далее (Next)" and confirm what you've chosen by "Далее (Next)" "Service name: Sims - Sims Amount: 10zlo Payment system: Bank card " Enter your card's data and email for the email confirmation. For the first time ROBOKASSA will create you your personal account. So you should activate it. Press ОПЛАТИТЬ "Pay". " Order price: 10 rubles Pay by: October 9 15:10 Order Description: Victim of ZLO Total to pay: 10.70 rubles (including commission) Card number Valid until CVC / CVV are the last 3 digits on the back of the card. Email: We will send you account information to this address. Save the card data in the account Application-Order of the Payer " Confirm your Email