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  1. FAQ Zclient/Zlorigin // FAQ The Sims 4 If you can't download The Sims 4 with Zlorigin because of errors, low speed, or you just prefer torrent instead, so here is the instruction, how to update the game, and not download everything. Link to the torrent 1. First of all, make sure the torrent is up-to-date. 2. Download the torrent file or magnet one. 3. Select the existing game folder, and remove the tick off the "Create a sub-folder". 4. The torrent will verify all the files and download what is required. 5. When downloading finished, find the file ZInstaller.bat in the game folder or download it and place in there. 6. Launch as Admin, select the language, press Enter. 7. Here you are. You can run the game on ZClient.
  2. FAQ Zclient/Zlorigin // FAQ The Sims 4 If you already have the repack, but you want to change to the version from Zlorigin, you can do it in several ways. 1. The easiest one, but it depends on the game. Some repacks have the right registry paths. So everything you need to do is: Connect to Zclient Launch Zlorigin It will find the game itself and start to verify the files, and download what is required. Go to Zlorigin settings and choose the directory of your games. Or find the game picture, right mouse click on it and choose "Repair Game" 2. You already have the game, but for Zlorigin it's not installed, and it asks to download. Download this file:ZInstaller.bat Place it to the game folder Launch as Admin. Choose the language and press Enter. It will ask the permission to install all the DLCs. If everything is ok, it should look like this. If not, try to do the same, but with this file ZInstaller(1).bat
  3. Поменяй язык игры в злориджине и обратно
  4. тогда вручную ищи сломанный файл
  5. попробуй устранить неполадки в злориджине, почистить кэш игры, убрать папки saves и tray и запустить
  6. Да не, нормально всё, скорее всего не обновлены моды на еолонки илиui cheats
  7. что за предъявы!!! всё работает
  8. Repaire the game there in zlorigin, should fix it
  9. Это мейл ру, и от них скорость зависит
  10. Совсем нет? Очень странно, как-будто игру удалила с модами
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