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  1. Lennie

    pls help

    Well, you said So what's that?
  2. Lennie

    Cambiar de ingles a español BF4

    in game or in Zlorigin?
  3. DelOriginCache_.bat попробуй кэш почистить
  4. do you play with zlorigin on? Seems like smth is missing whyle downloading in your sims 3 launcher
  5. так запускается или не отображается?
  6. Lennie

    I need help with The Sims 3.

    actually you can, but zclient can suddenly shut down along with the game
  7. Lennie

    Problems with Get Famous

    without repairung you can only delete EP folder and download again
  8. Lennie

    zclient doesn´t start

    disable defender and AV, and check quarrantine. this is certificate zcert.crt
  9. Lennie

    zclient doesn´t start

    is it your first time using zclient? has it proposed to install certificate?
  10. Другой впн попробовать, или Торрент
  11. Lennie

    ZClient не открывается

    можно попробовать в чистой загрузке запустить. Или было, что на компе майнер сидел, здесь чисто отключать процессы в ДЗ и смотреть.
  12. Lennie

    Please tell me what was said?

    invisible one tommy-gun or grenade-gun (while running)
  13. в злориджин не нужно данные вводить
  14. Lennie

    IP retrace

    if you're able to download from zlorigin, so you download from the cloud, not torrent
  15. Lennie

    Problem downloading games

    no need to install origin for sims