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  1. Нет, не буду уже. Какой смысл стараться, если никто не ценит
  2. Не зависает, а ждет подключения другого игрока
  3. https://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/11434/&do=findComment&comment=114383
  4. @ YourBoy7845 https://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/11434/&do=findComment&comment=114383
  5. Кривые файлы игры, предварительно. И почитайте мой коммент ваше пожалуйста, а потом предоставьте инфу для анализа
  6. So this is means that you already have a running game process. Please check you process list, find game and kill it, then try again
  7. Also, it can be the local networking error as well.
  8. Unfortunately, the problem in your game client. I suggest you to replace file from zip and try again. But before you start do it, could you please send me launcher log (located in launcher folder\log) and screenshot with ZClient after unsuccessful game run ?
  9. Hi, something wrong with your game client I guess. But, let me find the source code of the launcher and I can say more concrete, is that launcher issues or not
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