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  1. how to play bf4 :\ 

    1. Archerrr


      Using Keyboard and Mouse :D


    2. Aim2Strike


      And with skills too :D 

  2. guess who's back ladies ! welcome back zlo !

    1. Havohej


      welcome back my friend )

    2. Bigworld12
  3. i'm no longer moderator here , so do not send me PMs not here nore via skipe please

  4. i'm no longer moderator here , so do not send me PMs not here nore via skipe please



      so..what was your reason?

  5. i miss u zlogames !! F#$% STUDY AND COLLAGE !!!!!!!!

  6. some of my friends work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvOaPD2y7TU&spfreload=10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLtdKxTF6DU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hU0U4Jh_NQ&spfreload=10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dRAUiEwuQ8&spfreload=10
  7. Installing AC:UNITY !! i only have I3 but i hope it works on my PC on low :)

    1. mbm55


      plz let me know if it works :)

  8. ON behalf of my team APT , and as a team leader for the clan , i apologies for zlo cummunity in general , and for ACES team in privet . I Apologize for that misunderstanding betweem the two teams , and i respect every decisions about my team and accept and punishment posed . Also , i want to say that even of my full time , and as i mentioned in general at ACES team forum that i can't join the war , i would like to say that it is shame for us to miss the date , and will talk to my team about it . and i want to say that if this happend again i will resign from the clan and will stay on my own
  9. hi my friend .. as i told my team mate OMAR .. ping issue is caused by launcher , in-game everything change , or you have bad interntet for hosting , but what he told me is that he is facing BLAZE error when he tried to join , well for blaze .. mr.GreenPNZ uploaded fix file for this issue and you can download it from this link : http://zloemu.org/fi...nput8.dll?fixed
  10. Installing COD:ADVANCED WARFARE ! looks good from screenshots , but is good in game ? that what i am about to know soon ...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. (APT)special_ops112


      i can't wait for it tooooooooooooooooo my favorite game ever !!!!!!!!

    3. Bo0oM2000


      i wish to see battlefield 4 on zlogames.ru :D

    4. (APT)special_ops112
  11. well , i already told you how to fix it via PMs , is there anything else i don't know about it ? feel free to ask bro
  12. what error do you get ? did you update the cleint and launcher to v6 yet ?
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