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  1. put the launcher in the same directory as battlefield
  2. i think you can't add more stats to SQL,it's just EA code
  3. Added some info about the launcher API in (10 & 11)
  4. 1 - don't write in english please ever again 2 - apply crack
  5. link to the knowledge base : http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/tutorials/
  6. step 1 : have a brain
  7. http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/6717
  8. it seems that zx file doesn't get updated automatically, so try adding this file https://puu.sh/qaqBG/8a19cdb292.dll
  9. if he was hacking i will be the first one to say ban him
  10. i am not getting one-sided here but this video doesn't proof anything, 1 - at 00:08 - 00:09 http://symthic.com/bf4-weapon-info?w=AKU-12 aku has small horizontal recoil as you can see so it's normal 2 - exactly at 0:15 you can see the soldier going to the right there also he was visible on the minimap 3 - at 0:28 - 0:30 he was shooting at his team mate, not at nowhere, i don't know how can you consider this something 4 - 0:32 - 0:33 check this video , you can see many shoots missing in spectator but hitting in the actual game ,it's because specta
  11. should i create it in arabic ? because arabic forum was deleted ...
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