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  1. Bigworld12

    ZloGamesLauncher [BF3-BF4]

    put the launcher in the same directory as battlefield
  2. Bigworld12

    Lan server - SQL loglevel update

    i think you can't add more stats to SQL,it's just EA code
  3. Bigworld12

    Current Progress in BF4 and ZloOrigin

    Added some info about the launcher API in (10 & 11)
  4. Bigworld12

    BF3 Launcher by Killzone and Skan

    1 - don't write in english please ever again 2 - apply crack
  5. Bigworld12

    База знаний\Knowledge base

    link to the knowledge base : http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/tutorials/
  6. Bigworld12

    ZLOEmu translations

    step 1 : have a brain
  7. Bigworld12

    zloemu bf3 and venicefx

    yes and no ban.
  8. Bigworld12

    For All Egyptians who can't connect, come here

    no he didn't.
  9. Bigworld12

    (APT) Join requests

    Accepted, add me on skype
  10. Bigworld12

    Game Starting Problem!!!

  11. Bigworld12

    (APT) Join requests

    accepted, add me on skype
  12. Bigworld12

    Game Starting Problem!!!

    it seems that zx file doesn't get updated automatically, so try adding this file https://puu.sh/qaqBG/8a19cdb292.dll
  13. Bigworld12

    thetruestarr - читер

    if he was hacking i will be the first one to say ban him
  14. Bigworld12

    For All Egyptians who can't connect, come here

    i can connect now yes