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  1. Dude you've been but in charge to help people not to "punish" them so they cry for unban or something
  2. Alright, I'm sorry .. but you should have seen how mister @Brendo treated people bad just because they're Arabic .. it really pissed me off .. however I saw this post and saw him started to make fun of it and I wanted to make you understand the point of this topic, that's it .. and then he banned me without reason and deleted my replies .. I'm just wondering why the hell is this dude even in the Zlo staff, what did he do to deserve it?? So .. that's it I got to say I apologize for wasting your time and I'll do my best to help you guys.
  3. Alright, I just wanted to make things clear thanks for everything Zlofenix
  4. Let's get things straight here Firstly, this guy wanted to say thanks to you Fenix because somehow they could play Zlobf3 again after your racist moderators banned the whole damn country (Morocco) and removed the Arabic forum from your project community just because some Arabic guy argued with him, So he thought that you unbanned them or did something about it. (as far as I know) Doing something like that is not a good idea you want more people to join your project .. you want it to spread you don't want lose people, ban them just because they are Arabic, Mexicans or whatever they are
  5. meaning what that's cool so when somebody do something wrong at the English forum you remove the English and Russian forum instead of just banning the bloody member this is not fair! the forum has nothing to do with Persians and it was so damn active :/
  6. Havohej


    i'm listening to this band since i was 15 and i don't feel old for it
  7. Havohej


    lol donno about "Blinded Colony" never heard of it before but they look pretty much like Marilyn Manson for me
  8. Havohej

    Its time

    yeeesss finally ^^
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