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  1. Remove it and redownload it again from website, Use VPN for updates maybe will fix.
  2. When you get this security message again click on : More informations => Run anyway Notice : Turn off all antiviruses on your PC to avoiding crashes/updates issues.
  3. https://zloemu.net/faq?id=5 Download Zlorigin first. Read FAQ.
  4. BF3 : https://zloemu.net/servers/bf3 BF4 : https://zloemu.net/servers/bf4
  5. Redownload client.zip And use updated launchers, or use zloemu website to join.
  6. If ZClient connected successfully and the problem in all servers, then the problem by your connection, ports closed or smth. if in 1 server, and another servers are ok, then you just need to open server port on router, i think this can fix it.
  7. For now some launchers have problems because of new updates, You can try ZloGUILauncher or 34H launcher for that, before trying you just need to redownload Client.zip and extract files into bf3 game root. or another way [WORKED FOR ME] Join BF3 servers by Zlo site and try now : https://zloemu.net/servers/bf3
  8. If you want to play BF3-BF4 multiplayer, then go and use launchers, zlorigin not needed for joining server.
  9. lol, if he got report from game server, then the ban won't be from EMU, only server. Can i know the account name?
  10. Where did you download it from? What is the source? Zlo Edition only works using its own servers. You should have Zlorigin : Click to download Read FAQ for more informations : Click to read (very important)
  11. ZLOFENIX Can you detect running programs on his device in the last 24 hours? just to make sure? He may use some cheating, but it is only necessary to confirm before giving him any punishment.
  12. From where you have got this error message?
  13. Make sure you have the last Server Files version, Download Make sure from LauncherServer is connected, Check your login data, (ZLOGIN, ZPASS) (important) There is some of instructions here, Check it Check
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