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  1. Good Job. Good luck with it .
  2. It's a bug. Most likely. I played with many top players in origin and this bug occurs 7 out of 10 times.
  3. Please check this one ppl. No replies so far.
  4. 1.FOX_MAVERICK 2. Jet Velocity Hack 3.NRNS Firestorm 4.
  5. Yes thats hack. Looks like 1 shot kill.
  6. @Husseingamer Please share simple launcher link.i could not find it. zlobf3loauncher by Husseingamer. Thanks
  7. Thanks @husseingamer It's working now.
  8. Thank you thurrax for the reply. I will try this.
  9. I did the same. still white screen and it crashes now with below error. zlo launcher v2 In zlorigin ther is only bf4 servers.
  10. Hi, I have updated zclient and client.zip files.Not installed ZLOrigin.As the instructions. But i face white screen bug. Is is because i am running windows 7?
  11. In Tarrius Launcher it crashes. shows error in d3d9.dll other 1 launcher i didnt tried because its big in size and language. @husseingamer Thanks
  12. Yes i tired. It crashes. how do i fix this white screen issue? @husseingamer Thanks.
  13. Hi, I have an issues with launcher. It shows white screen and music in background.Please help me solve it. I am running windows 7. i have latest ver. Thanks
  14. You got banned by server admin. Because you killing enemy on base. Contact server admin. It is permanent unless admin unbans you.
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