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  1. Gonna be Heading to a Med School soon ;) 

  2. Happy Birthday big bro your hardwork is well appreciated. 1.Fairly good 2.Jolly well ;) 3.becuase I want to help make the ZLOfamily
  3. okay,thanks going to try to run the server now
  4. So can you PM me the credentials I must use to login that are authorised, My PC is currently off...
  5. AS REQUESTED,here is the server folder >i used "font wrap" so that I get the content in the screen shot, otherwise it is in ONE long line >using zloemu accout name as zlologin, zloemu account password as zpass (as told by trello) >also tried using my email as the ZLOlogin, didnt work
  6. I have been trying to set up the server for BFBC2,but have failed to make it show in the server list. > I have followed the tutorial by trello(http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/6060/). >included the server in "excluded folders" in windows defender (windows 8.1) >PM'ed most of the staff here,they tried but could not provide satisfactory answers. >tried redownloading it quite some times, I would be grateful if I can be guided to a more precise tutorial or a video tutorial to help me set up the server. Help would be Appreciated Regards
  7. Free At last...

  8. ...24 May,2016...

    1. Cepora


      и чего сегодня произойти должно?

    2. mbm55


      just got free fro me Exams :crazy:

    3. Cepora


      Ой молодец!

  9. Did you try the client.zip replacement as admin? oh and make sure you updated the dll and that the master was on.as for windows defender,add the game folder in exceptions
  10. Im just posting this here so you know I read it, but dont know how to reply to " shit happens" besides "go wipe yo a** then.
  11. slow down there buddy, last thing I want is being stuck in bf3 trying to understand my own mother tongue :p
  12. Last time I checked, a cover photo isnt a basic human right, and isnt neccessary for living. just chill out,
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