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  1. Rush Autobalance is horribly broken. Lots of times it starts the game with all the players on the attacker side and all the players leave due to frustration. Please fix it.
  2. I know it isnt a virus and its a false positive as i trust despo 100% ... and on top of that googling that trojan confirmed it...but,... ---------------
  3. i dont care anymore, as somehow the exception worked if i added the folder outs,side of the game folder...again thanks for you hardwork and keep it up, but the thing about detection is legit, it 2013 and 2014 (my current one) did detect and it hates it so much that it deletes it without consent even after setting the file anti virus to notification first, this is done by system watcher(auto deletion) zlolauncher_by_despo_v2.0.0.exe Detected: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Bazon.a 1/1/2015 9:49:59 PM c:\games\battlefield 3 nosteam\
  4. Restore the file from quarantine or just add the whole folder to exceptions and then extract the zip file containing the launcher into the game folder...I also donno why, Kaspersky has always hated Despo hardcore..on every version, ive faced serious problems that persist even after adding exceptions..exceptions work everywhere else
  5. it crashes if we press search servers or favourites, 2-3 times it crashes
  6. Please add navigation by arrow keys in the server list, its a tedious job to click on every server (like it was in the launcher before the update) and, when we add favorites,if the server go down, they vanish from the list , previously, they were visible but in red, after that it is needed to be added to favorites again
  7. FINALLY!!! been waiting forever for this...all other launchers are pale in comparison to this
  8. www.youtube.com/watch?v=E98y92m6fN4



      stopped mid way as it was starting to spoil some things...waiting for pc even after 1 year..

    2. CelthricAysen


      haha, same with you mate, but you got to admit its a nice rap :)

  9. We can see the location of the server in despo launcher by using the advanved menu, and your answerhttp://www.countrycallingcodes.com/iso-country-codes/asia-codes.php see 2 letter codes
  10. I'll blow a skyscraper up, jihad jeep, while u use the same damn gun week after week

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    3. mbm55


      thats the name? whose the singer?



      boy in a band (nice dude)...just type cod vs bf in google or youtube and press the first result

  11. going on a trip, wont be available from monday through sunday..happy diwali

  12. for a long time i thought there was no working spectator for bf3..XD
  13. Chaos is order yet to be discovered

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