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  1. he is aimbot ofcourse. 3 shot and he kill ??that's impossible! 100% he using aimbot
  2. nice work dude im sad for this i wish i have some money to donate but you know what happen in iraq now
  3. how long takes?
  4. hi guys why the servers are offline is there a maintane or what?
  5. good job dude nice too meet another gamer from my country
  6. yeah that i was trying to explain to him
  7. and what the admins says? the say its virus and the scan shows that!
  8. hhh dude admins says that is a virus !
  9. i Have Amd Radeon HD7400 and the window of error dont popup but why the servers dead!
  10. dude i install dx from microsoft website that calls dxweb and its tell me you have last dx driver?! i can play but in windowed mode only i install a porgram call WindowedBorderlessGaming and i can play now in full screen! but should i trust with that guy or its just a virus?
  11. hhhhhhhh but i need fix to this i spend 6 hours searching google to find a fix and i found its was a full screen problem!!
  12. Virus?
  13. sorry guys but i need a solution for full screen bug! :((
  14. guys i found the problem its beacause the full screen but how i fix it i want play in full screen
  15. the SP work's but only the MP is not working!