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  1. More than enough. Thanks for reporting.
  2. Who owns Hardline anyway...
  3. Only post in english inside the english subforum. There is a dedicated german subforum here: http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/forum/144/
  4. That's a pseudo hardcore server so your health is only 60%. 1st death is probably due ping 2nd death was SMAW and player got hurt shortly before 3rd death was grenade and player ran onto it himself 4th death was cut off by end of round and is a bad example Please provide a better proof, his stats are not that high. He probably is hacking but we don't know for sure. ustun is not using a silencer so a good player can easily follow him around just by looking onto the minimap (which is still visible because it's not true hardcore). Also that player could have
  5. We should actually do bans for pages-long quotes.
  6. Thats normal, maybe you should stop standing on top of a hill in plain sight?
  7. Wow, some people just can't accept any authority. I'll quote myself now, this makes it your 3rd rule violation today, +2times violation for ban-evasion:
  8. Because you are breaking forum rules. I've said this now twice, stop bothering us with your lies and annoying tone.
  9. I don't know why somebody even feels like it's neccessary to rant about server admin bans. I have been banned on 20+ servers on Origin by some butthurt admins that don't know how silencers and T-UGS work. It's THEIR server, THEY provide a service for YOU. They can ban and unban whoever they want. Don't like it? Then either play on a differnt server or make your own. Nobody forces you to play there.
  10. I can remember i told you this once: If you ever start with that drama crap again you'll be banned again. Closed, banned.
  11. Already decided, no hack, stop reposting old videos. Closed.
  12. ESP-hack, although a longer video would be nice next time.
  13. Are you so butthurt that you are reporting somebody with a video which shows that YOU are using an anti-recoil/rapidfire-macro? You should stop jumping around on the middle of the street and start using a silencer if you don't want to be found. Nontheless he's hacking.
  14. General KD 1.5 Headshot 16% meh
  15. You will never be unbanned. After 30 days you can create a new account... Next ban => permanent ban of all accounts on all games.
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