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  1. pls check  ur inbox and thanks for help



      Hey mate! Sorry,was away for a long,long time...

  2. Hussein, you mean, rent one?
  3. Glad to know you fixed it kingclick. But, just for the sake of sharing info to others reading this topic, disable /permit the exe file through defender/antivirus before executing. As trello pointed out, if uisng win 10, defender can NEVER be shut down completely. There is a link to a file which disables the service itself which is otherwise not possible. I will share it once I find it again. If my memory serves me right, the link was shared in zlo about 2 months ago. EDIT 1: Found it : I personally never have used it,so, if you point your finger at me if it messe
  4. His IP is hopping across EU. Not a direct connection, maybe thats why no ping.

    Its time

    :BROFIST: fenix, you the man! I wish you were my teacher at college . -SAS

    Its time

    tts is the LOGICian :D, damn logics!

    Its time

    Good job fenix. Way to go! As alex said, FENIX FOR THE PRESIDENT!!! :p
  8. Hi aymen, we understand your concerns, but, we cant allow everyone to run around with multiple XP servers. We are doing what we can, that is, allow a few (really few) server providers to host double XP servers so that you all can enjoy a faster rankup and level of competitiveness. This is not a democracy, no power to people here :D (Just kidding man, we will consider your suggestions and decide what's best, trust me, it's for the best). If everyone comes up protesting,we may as well remove all the multiple XP servers. I do not assume anyone wants that though Happy Gaming(See
  9. Servidor principal hacia abajo. Usted puede comprobar el estado en cualquier momento aquí: http://zloemu.org/
  10. Читайте и соблюдайте правила сервера. Даже после того, если администратор быть плохим для вас, оставьте сервер, играть в каком-то другом сервере. Мы ничего поделать не могут. Их сервер, их правила!
  11. Can't keep me out....

    1. Brendo


      OUT OF CONTROL! :)

    2. Havohej



  12. This is for all the ZLO members! Please do us a favor of posting if you have a BFH licensed version or some friends of your's possesses it. We need it for a cause for about 1-3 hours and the account shall be given back as it was,undisturbed! (Dont post the account details here, send the details to Death1 ) Thank you
  13. Made me a fan instantly... The climax....Phew...No chance man!
  14. Мы предлагаем выбор хостинга частных серверов. Такие случаи в норме. Вы всегда можете играть на других серверах. Хорошо провести время ... #ЗАКРЫТО
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