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  1. the only chance is to use vpn.This problem goes away over time itself
  2. никак нет.тупо 1 ядро и все.и желательно ставить на последнее ядро процессора(это по данным официальных хостингов).
  3. так как сервер использует только 1 ядро процессора,нужно от 3ггц проц.на зионах сервер лагает.могу предложить вам использовать i3-i9
  4. I do not know how this system will behave here. ON-live anti cheat
  5. I think 78 will be a lot...But still raised a little percentage.
  6. Немного не в ту степь ты попал...
  7. New account won't help him. Batllog is disabled in this plugin.and the plugin could not get information on the guid because the guid is missing.
  8. да но плагин считает его статистику подозрительной HSK Checker For this check only automatic weapons from specific categories are used in the calculation. This includes Sub Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Carbines, and Machine Guns. Handguns, snipers, equipment, etc are not included since their HSK values can vary drastically. This limit is simple, if the headshot/kill percentage for any valid weapon is greater than your trigger level, the ban is issued. HSK percentage for even the top competitive players caps at 38%, so we set our value much higher than that. We started with 70% HS/K, and no false positives were found with that value, but lower as desired. The minimum acceptable value we allowed during testing was 50%, and that's where we have it now. 100 kills with the weapon in question are required to trigger this check. The LIVE mods for this section are enabled when you turn on the 'LIVE system includes mass murder and aimbot checks' setting. Players using a very blatant aimbot for heads in a round should be caught very quickly with this system. It's very difficult to trigger this check normally, so don't worry about causing a large number of false positives by enabling it.
  9. ну мне кажется вы не показали весь лог.
  10. Попробуйте создать новый аккаунт и с него поиграть.
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