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  1. man i told u 1000000000000000000 times leave me fucking alone ..............
  2. TLGVis

    TLG Clan

    Hello everyone , mY Name is Vis and I came today to present our clan TLG under the name of : THE LAST GENERATION formed by pro players Clan Leader / TLG server Owner : [TLG]Viserion Clan SubLeader / TLG Server Owner [TLG]Microsoft TLG Clan Members [TLG]FlyingFox admin [TLG]AEZAKMII admin [TLG]LokiGoodfull admin [TLG]mame [TLG]J-Virus [TLG]SePaHBoD [TLG]SpeacX [TLG]W-D-S-E And we already filled all most of the positions and still one left , To anyone who would be interested to join us, send me a message or to the sub
  3. hello everyone , i have a old friend want to Join mY Clan , and cant set Clan tag To His name id , any Idea Guys ? @ZLOFENIX
  4. can You please ask Wande-Roverto stop attacking my server with ddos ... , or do new update to stop ddos man .... ps: im the TLG clan leader and The Last Genration server Owner...
  5. i need something that Cant be find IP and cant be attacked by ddos ... yeah i know mY bro , but idk what we have to do ....
  6. hello everyone , My name is *[TLG]Vis- (DH1huK)* The TLG [The Last Generation] server Owner , i want Just to Know why i get ddos everydays and everytimes.... Why .... please if someone know any Good Server Host (anti ddos) Send me The Link please , Thx
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