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  1. Как вы это измеряли на серверах?
  2. Always use the official method for installation of WineHQ + Mono: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu
  3. Can you turn on AMSTEL-LAN? It seems like its off after an update?
  4. Hello ZLOemu Community, I want to ask if RemoveBlueTint.dll is allowed or not. DLL attached, it removes the bluetint. Thanks RemoveBlueTint.dll
  5. Server Status | El estado del servidor Esta imagen se actualizará automáticamente según el estado del servidor. This image will update automatically based on the server status.
  6. Gracias popiii. Me alegra tenerte en nuestro servidor.
  7. Welcome to [2XP] Cubanos Server by 2SG Network! Embark on thrilling Battlefield 3 battles right here in sunny Florida, USA! With 64 slots available, prepare for intense action and strategic warfare like never before. Our rules are simple: No Motor, No Abuse. We foster a fair and enjoyable gaming environment where players can compete without fear of exploitation. At [2XP] Cubanos Server, we pride ourselves on our inclusive community. No ban culture means everyone is welcome, from seasoned veterans to newcomers. Our Advance Team Balancer ensures balanced gameplay, making ever
  8. [DOGE] Babag [DOGE] FAZIL-X [DOGE] KHAN-BABY [DOGE] BabaG95 [DOGE] PAPEEN-X Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Bandwidth Zindabad! Long Live Pakistan <3
  9. I sent you an .exe before on e-mail if you can decompile it, you may find.
  10. Thank you and thanks to everyone for the support. Love you all!
  11. The admin of this server is my friend, you can confirm with him. We always joke around. This is not solid proof everyone can make up messages like these.
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