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  1. u see that there is nothing in videos ok ??
  2. that guy have aim snapping cheat for the heli as it shown in the videos that iam uploading i left this game 6 years later there is still cheaters runing that beautiful zlobf i was one from the first players to test bf4 when zlo him was still unlocking it ahh those days it seems they are gone i hope that u @ ZLOFENIX could mange to do something about that iam a player who knows who cheating whose not his bf4: name BannnedForToxic Server:Pycckuu CEPBEP-All MAPS | All Unlocked- CheatType: Aim Snapping Esp
  3. and when i use the zinstaller.bat it show me this
  4. ihave another problem i can't download the game it doesn't show the popup window of yes or no it only show this
  5. i can't install zlorigin i face this kinda of weird problem can u help ??
  6. very sad to hear that bro zlo in the earlier days was like heaven for the gamers who cannot afford to get games alot of good players left now very sad
  7. he is a cheater he use something like aim lock or any kind of cheat i tried to take a video from spectator Mode but the spectator didn't Run i don't know why he always play in pycckuu server and wargate Mix he put ACOG Scope on snipers
  8. first of all i know that the quality is shit but i recored the whole round it is about 28 gb (shadowplay) so i cut it i know iam suck at editing Name:(MVP)Kaus_Bumsen server: pycckuu CEPBEP (Metro & locker) type of cheat :Aim
  9. first of all hi to all of u brothers and sisters i found this on the comment section in youtube by luck what about it !! and can this site provide a potential danger on the zlo project i know that kinda of stupid thing i just asking and curious about it
  10. no i reduced it to upload it faster @Brendo
  11. yeah yeah i will record a whole round when i found him and i will upload it with a good quality
  12. i know the quality is shit but i was in hurry to spot him oh i forgot something he always join in midnight when most of the servers are empty
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