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  1. even with cheats sucks lol i knew it he using hacks good job bro , between i know now why your kdr is low bad pc ((((
  2. Agree for the first one cheat will get 1 week ban , second tentative permaban

    Dead Space 3

    cool i will download it to play it with friends thanks for feedback bro
  4. Maybe this guy jave them and this one
  5. update your punkbuster http://websec.evenbalance.com/downloads/W/gui/pbsetup.zip choose bf4 game and update it ))
  6. Well :D 19/01/2019 11:01 8008D40DB5335631EE43365FD55B68EB Lithuania THXI7 Violation (MULTIHACK) #71559 https://www.ggc-stream.net/banlist/info/41/game/Battlefield+4
  7. huh anyway English is not my main language and i am not talking about languages IQ but your general IQ stay calm kido
  8. i rape you always bro i am taking rest for months but when i back will rape all of you
  9. i know who you are and from where i meant them low IQ :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD if you remember me old nick is NEGAN_IS_BACK the new one is INSaNITY_BLOoDY
  10. Bro IQ problems so understand them xD
  11. you are trolling not us lol if you can't understand i can advice you a good medic to improve your IQ deflection
  12. Well Bro welcome to ban black list xD half of my Ai Clan members got banned for low iq reasons for example i am banned cause i do good with shotgun your legit bro i knew since you joined Voltage clan but you disappeared anyway your wasting your time claiming for unban here such like those admins are not helping the community ( its my money and my server i do whati want even wrong accusations ...
  13. CHAKIF

    For ZloFenix

    lol you are crazy to do that shit xd
  14. try to make your ip address static and change DNS
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