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  1. hello, i have noticed that zlorigin downloads are extremely slow, before it was fast, has it limited the speed of downloads?
  2. capo seguís jugando bf4?
  3. Hola a todos, los invito a jugar en el nuevo servidor latino de BF4, son todos bienvenidos, buen ping para jugadores de Argentina, Chile, Uruguay y Brasil. Saludos Discord: https://tiny.one/bf4arg
  4. after executing stopserver.sh I can't start it again, when I execute starserver.sh it gives the following message: "[screen is terminating]"
  5. Hello, Even though EA no longer provides servers to third parties, do you have any hope that one day the server files will be leaked?
  6. Hopefully one day the files from the BF1, BFV & BF2042 server will be leaked.
  7. Can you update ZLOrigin to the latest version of Origin, or crack the new EA Desktop application?
  8. Proba descargando la última versión https://zloemu.net/files/ZClient.exe
  9. The only thing missing is for a DICE developer to leak the bf1, bfv and 2042 files.
  10. Esta muerto, justo quiero jugar.
  11. bf3 server works perfect, I don't know why bf4 doesn't.
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