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  1. Accept this he better than you . btw you Also macro user or you forget ? All ban list ep server they without reason we all know this :p
  2. bcz he is better than you and lugun he get banned he have many video you can look and learn :))
  3. B7ackhawk

    BF4 server close at startup due punkbuster

    if you have TV send me i will help you
  4. Yes he Aimbot 100% he was playing yesterday with us
  5. B7ackhawk


    Aimbot 100%
  6. B7ackhawk

    Ajeje_Br4z0rf unban himself!!!

    maybe he buy new pc , wait fenix for look him
  7. B7ackhawk

    Carloszbr is hacker

    One shoot hacking 100%
  8. B7ackhawk


    If you wanna playing there Don't kill him , he don't like die 95% zlo player know he noob admin :p Macro boy :p
  9. B7ackhawk

    need help

    well i try now the messages in spam 100% good luck
  10. B7ackhawk

    need help

    maybe You can find them in spam messages !
  11. you can't solve the poroblem