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  1. Honestly, Pycckuu the best server In Zlo ! surely I will not forget your help at all times , It's sad to stop running servers I wish you more success in your life .
  2. Wait FENIX he will told you , your other acc
  3. Un banned
  4. record video for me in game
  5. 110Hamoudy100 Not admin . i ban you i need video for unban you !
  6. i All ready open but no one join.player when see any server full they join there but i will open an lets to see
  7. 64 player with rush?? no way , i cant Put rush with CQ Because there is a difference in tickets
  8. im not fight but he always say panda full hack . pb not work
  9. and who are you i lie to you??? idc what u think your free
  10. There is no punkbaster on the panda ? yeah bcz you cant join there, and you can feel us you like You are not the one who decides who is cheating or not ! Why do we flee We lie? Do you have proof? of course not ! like always panda full hack , panda no pb
  11. On panda yes work
  12. Many player Don't like BF4
  13. we are talking about BF4
  14. The players of Battlefield 4 are not many! , when i use limit im sure 80% they will kicked server bee empty
  15. i can do it but ! RPG damage 0% its problem