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  1. okay banned for 4 days
  2. Translation ? for i give him ban
  3. B7ackhawk


    again Demyan74 btw do u remember last report u report 10 player you call them hacking without any proof or video ? he is good gunner and low ping have ez kill more than 100-0
  4. what about fenix let u used a hack and let see the anti cheat catch you or not ?
  5. in video there is 100% damage hack 3 or 4 shot he kil also there is no recoil
  6. B7ackhawk


    ok i will added u to list
  7. B7ackhawk


    what is ur nick name ? i will added u to list if that not help try make new account maybe pb ban u .. i don't know bcz u don't share screen or video no one will know
  8. B7ackhawk


    maybe pb ban try make new account and test
  9. B7ackhawk


    its ping limited kick player , when ur ping over 280 u got kick
  10. B7ackhawk


    Our server discord join us discord link https://discord.gg/yGuFyks
  11. B7ackhawk


    what is your nick name in game ? did u try test with new account ? maybe u banned via pb ? did u update the pb ? need know all this or send any screen
  12. he was banned 2 time i ask fenix 100% aimbot
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