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  1. B7ackhawk

    Глитч, обнулить.

    Let's Fenix decide What punishment he will choose
  2. B7ackhawk

    Joo0ooKee3eeR hacking

    1 shot kill 100%
  3. B7ackhawk

    Глитч, обнулить.

    rules is rules and no ban for glitch long time only zero !!
  4. B7ackhawk

    ogunsaglam, JooOooKee3eer

    Video ? No video no proof no ban
  5. yes you need this bcz without you run zclient you can't run launching zlorigin/ bf4
  6. B7ackhawk

    Battlefield 3 чит

    you can't say he hacker bcz there is no proof . try record him
  7. I agree to punish him but not as use hack tool . all this mention to fenix lets he decide Resets him or what he do
  8. he is not my friend or my clan , he explained the problem for me and i wanna help bcz i know it was wrong ban , if he really use hack he Deserve ban . that all
  9. we all know glitch = zero, so please stop !!
  10. B7ackhawk


    ohh he use WH . next time get your proof
  11. B7ackhawk


    2.40 take look
  12. B7ackhawk


    ok i will post the video when he end
  13. B7ackhawk


    Really? is that pro jet?
  14. B7ackhawk


    please before u report player go Learn how fly with jet . i saw ur flying its like noob use jet tell me your speed ? 400? 500? you even cant control the jet ! go YouTube and see some DF video you will say they are hacking ......!
  15. B7ackhawk

    Is Wireshark ok to use on Zlo?

    your not need use it. and its a normal program why u will banned?