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  1. i have good idea for you ? what i about you buy new pc ? im sure you will not have any problem
  2. i told you , nothing just i wanna your name that all
  3. no just i wanna know your nick name . that all
  4. Well is that you http://pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=1&player=KissKiss ok ok
  5. well , now im sure your noob server admin who dont know cant run server without pb on stop your shit here . topic for report hack not for you shit
  6. already banned by admin in server aimbot
  7. Momijimomi panda locker metro aimbot rank 19 from United States
  8. 1 : Ozaki1 2 : panda locker metro 3 : aimbot proof
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