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  1. idk why u keep post shit lie your face , you have server keep it online and go play there and stop come to panda we dont like shit like you and yes im owner and bartis too he is coder and better than you 100000% so stop this shit shit skid since 2016 im here and run servers and shit like you come here and post every shit to panda for make it 0 player ldiot im free what i do in my server ok? im pay money i ban who i like . we have many russian player never i did not they speck bad why ? bcz they are man not like you shit skid
  2. again shit Demyan74 and again Demyan74 kid . you never change ? did u even try change yourself to bee man for one time ? shit like you speck about ddos while i have more 40 ddos in one month ldiot stop talk about this , now you full been Stupid skid here , can not see no one care about you retarded and one info for you ldiot kid , no one can not know who 100% attack btw you and KPOBOCTOK same ldiot and same russian noob who dont know anything . go buy another host poor boy <screen removed because mail addr, ZLOFENIX>
  3. all this shit talk for what ? tag Z ? omg i have all like this kids . lets say you put it what next ? you become be man ? or you gone make Ukraine guys leave the game ? come on group and leave this kid think , you come for get fun and go sleep ,Do not try to connect the events of Russia and Ukraine to game you can go fight real fight not game fight and go take Z tag as you like and please fenix off this topic and dont let someone post it . this forum for game not for fight and for unban u can join our discord and ask for it skid everywhere
  4. should be there is reason , bcz there is many russian player from other server post lie about panda server invite hacker to player there anyway i unban some and other still there i see the reason for ban
  5. ban russian player ? zlo have 99% russian player if we ban they server be 0%
  6. ban like who ? give me player name ? all bans i know for what reason are banned , i have beast admins in server . im sure they respect me and not ban for no reason
  7. keep cry while you banned HWID and can not join
  8. can you show me how much core and cpu speed you have ? i see you got 900 fps i need see the cpu speed
  9. B7ackhawk


    he is normal and good player i beat him on jet , so if you think he is hack get your proof or stop cry
  10. B7ackhawk


    he is clean and better than you and many player , stop make like this shit topic
  11. which server you banned ? gimme your fight name
  12. Hi , added this -SyncedBFSettings.AllUnlocksUnlocked true for Scripts -Win32Game
  13. your so funny lol . btw fenix he will not ban player for no proof and he cant say to me ban him from server , im the owner and no one can make me do this and im free what i do its my server im pay money for make free server for some noobs player like you. you should say thank you my boss B7 for run server for us about bartis well he is pro player and this the fact idk why u act like kids and ask for ban .... and Demuan i know you very well please stop try to bee smart and your Reverse
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