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  1. B7ackhawk


    he is done
  2. B7ackhawk


    good video ,wall +aim
  3. B7ackhawk

    Server problem

    Only with you?
  4. B7ackhawk

    Kicked by Punkbuster

    green you know very well the pb was banned some player they are not hacker , don't forget before some month there was many topic about this problem
  5. B7ackhawk

    Kicked by Punkbuster

    it simple go make new acc you can play
  6. B7ackhawk


    where is server rules? good luck
  7. B7ackhawk

    Kicked by Punkbuster

    There is no server run on BF4 without pb
  8. send me Team viwer via PM i will help u
  9. B7ackhawk

    Can't add server to my account

    cant read ? go play 24 hour than u can own server
  10. B7ackhawk

    Pycckkuu CEPBEP Metro - players are invisible

    The reason its your pc xD
  11. B7ackhawk

    server.bat probleam

    send me TV via PM i will help you
  12. B7ackhawk

    For Banev

    lel banev kid never change . idc anymore about servers :p
  13. B7ackhawk

    For Banev

    How many times you kill him ? xD he looks so angry lel
  14. B7ackhawk

    For Banev

    lol like always banev crying never change
  15. B7ackhawk


    kids every where