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  1. B7ackhawk


    Both nice video , WH 100%
  2. B7ackhawk


    yeah i know
  3. B7ackhawk


    AND the server protect cheat by GGstream lel :p Aim bot 100%
  4. B7ackhawk


    yes admin allow but if the admin noob like nintendo you cant do nothing , maybe one day both noob nintendo + lugan They grow up
  5. B7ackhawk

    ZClient Can't Connect

  6. B7ackhawk


    one shot he use Aim bot
  7. B7ackhawk


    Panda server Has been closed Thank for all player An STAFF please close the topic maybe In the future we return
  8. B7ackhawk

    ban problem

    about this point yeah we all know lugn if you kill him he kick u cuz he noob admin , but if you banned from zlo that mean you use hack tool , you done go buy new pc
  9. B7ackhawk

    No1CAReZ glitch

    than need more video for sure
  10. B7ackhawk

    No1CAReZ glitch

    YOU cant say its glitch need more video , maybe just bug
  11. well maybe you need join zlo discord they will help you and im wait you for Gunner xD
  12. my English not good i cant write all here maybe need read FAQ again
  13. i can help you , if you have TV send me pm
  14. delete old one , and install this https://zloemu.net/files/ZClient.exe
  15. B7ackhawk

    how can ı register to Zlclient?

    install it https://zloemu.net/files/ZClient.exe