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  1. gun ban in server ?

    No 2xp !
  2. gun ban in server ?

  3. Panda

    There is a server running its not for me ! Fake server !! Soon Panda back
  4. Dog Fight (Jet Fight) Match

    yes he good i play with him. but there is better than him
  5. DDosers

    At the end I respect all the managers here I will respect you because I am in Forum and respect the laws have nice day
  6. DDosers

    you know im not like other and I am not afraid you and about respected zlo server admins ??? you must respect server admins
  7. DDosers

    and try bee man and join forum with real name let we know you im done
  8. DDosers

    one more proof for your friend he proof he ddos my server :P
  9. DDosers

    this for you and for your friend and dont tired your self fenix know all and if you want more proof i have :p
  10. Dog Fight (Jet Fight) Match

    After the departure of most pro jet Today we see a lot say I am pro jet same pro jet like Airsticker93 .A1rwolf and .......!!
  11. Dog Fight (Jet Fight) Match

    Before you post topic make sure your server port open ! you have port problem cant join have nice day
  12. Dog Fight (Jet Fight) Match

    server name? Server ping? i want DF for now !
  13. Who is Nrns server admin ?

    here http://www.nrns-games.com/ you can talk with admins !
  14. Panda

    Server It will stop for Some time because of problems at dedicated_servers A beautiful day for all
  15. hacker

    strange ,Maybe a new kind of hacker