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  1. you have to say thank bcz you play on free server , well , i dont like AA mins and i block it if this not like you its easy , go pay monthly 30$ get host and run your server
  2. B7ackhawk


    well you can use it again as you like , and unbanned
  3. as he told you go die in pain
  4. EDIT you can back play with your banned account . pb not kick you now !
  5. Just wait some time you can back play with your account , till mode back pb will be off
  6. type your nick name fenix will wipe for you
  7. anti ddos block some player ip's and they can't join both server for now i can't do anything , For now this vpn help you , you can join till i sove the problem https://ufovpn.io/download/windows
  8. install R58 better than all https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4Axo/395eTVc9F/servers/
  9. https://ufovpn.io/download/windows
  10. did you even try read anti ddos block them ? they can't join ? LOL how they can join then run vpn ? how ZClient will stay connect when you try run vpn ? come on stop it
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