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  1. talk as you like that not change anything video proof your hack that screen best proof only speed hack can do it
  2. who care about server or ban? and your use speed hack 100% like we see in video soon you will get ban
  3. atmospheric ? this player was weak ,but now i see he Challenge many pro player , watch 40 sec when he down and before he up press shift , that only with velocity can do it he is use velocity 100% panda back soon
  4. come on dude if rank 3 kill 100 that mean hack? what about old player ? what about he have pro pc ? look at his ping ! he have nice ping and without video your nothing here !
  5. long time we many time say PB cant catch every hack tool only FENIX anti cheat can catch them so pb=fake
  6. Let's Fenix decide What punishment he will choose
  7. rules is rules and no ban for glitch long time only zero !!
  8. yes you need this bcz without you run zclient you can't run launching zlorigin/ bf4
  9. you can't say he hacker bcz there is no proof . try record him
  10. I agree to punish him but not as use hack tool . all this mention to fenix lets he decide Resets him or what he do
  11. he is not my friend or my clan , he explained the problem for me and i wanna help bcz i know it was wrong ban , if he really use hack he Deserve ban . that all
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