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  1. type your nick name fenix will wipe for you
  2. anti ddos block some player ip's and they can't join both server for now i can't do anything , For now this vpn help you , you can join till i sove the problem https://ufovpn.io/download/windows
  3. install R58 better than all https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4Axo/395eTVc9F/servers/
  4. https://ufovpn.io/download/windows
  5. did you even try read anti ddos block them ? they can't join ? LOL how they can join then run vpn ? how ZClient will stay connect when you try run vpn ? come on stop it
  6. No need see you in next report
  7. that all , next bee sure don't report someone better than you or who comment here , i don't like this
  8. this without vpn , im join via TeamViewer i will post with vpn
  9. and last about master-love got banned bcz he use hack but not mean other member in clan use hack to that player was from IW clan can we say other too hack ? NO SO STOP THIS NOOB TOPIC
  10. and your explained are wrong , Do not measure your internet speed in Iraq , this our internet speed so that all
  11. they are clean but anti ddos block them that my host support and fenix know very well ovh anti ddos so making topic for ban to good player for use vpn bcz they can't join server they got black screen this stupidity
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