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  1. this place you can go from behind. i remember russ admin resat for this. some say it GLITCH some say its not so if Lugan_Maks resat for this must this player go zero too
  2. what a noob hack m used aim bot with sniper lol
  3. stop do shit both kids . i ask when u bee man ? and you russia try be man one tome in ur life , or maybe u like be an ldiot all old player leave reason for some kids like you , both need ban from server
  4. i never see ldiot like you iran skid . all time make problem . just ask you , when u will be a man ?
  5. B7ackhawk


    from the first time i saw GReen i don't like him , when i was run panda server all time attack me every where panda run without PB panda invite hacker , he forget the BF4 server cant run without pb on Im sure one off admin they will warning me .... if you watch green he insult many members here bcz he sure he will not get ban he try proof he has power here but he forget he is only user like other and the big problem fenix don't care about all this in the last some man never change Unfortunately this topic it not change anything
  6. try install the crack again
  7. you trying say this not aim bot ? come on take look again , 33 second watch it carefully ,for sure he is hack 100%
  8. Name : DarknightKUZ erver: [RUS] CL@N [2XP>ALL UNLOCKED>AIR MAPS & METRO]
  9. Many time i told you in the game your reported for glitching but you did not care . now you got unban try dont do it again
  10. one screen not proof he was Glitching and he old player he have more 1137 hour , maybe bug or .....
  11. later i will post your video and we will know if your really used WH or not
  12. https://zloemu.net/faq
  13. what that shit ? who care about you or other one he have more then 100 acc , no one care please stop this
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