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  1. pb ban . just make new account and play , already i answer your DM good luck
  2. please an staff delete the post , looks like some did not like it and 5 ddos since server up
  3. New server has just started, it will always include Infantry Arena in the server name. We have chosen classic infantry maps as well as a few rare (but good!) maps. Maplist: Operation Metro [CQL] Noshahr Canals [TDM] Grand Bazaar [CQS] Tehran Highway [CQS] Slots are 64 with Infantry Only preset. What's so special about it? The server has many modifications that make the game experience better, such as: Give ammunition - this function can be used by holding Q and requesting ammo, you can use it once per 5 minutes. Grenade damage - reduced to 50%. Anti camp - if a player hasn't moved in field of 3 meters in 3 minutes, the player will be admin killed with a message explaining why. No crane (Canals TDM) - Very hated crane is totally blocked! Landing on it will AUTOMATICALLY result in an admin kill. Grenades are not restocked from ammo box - Workaround for people who play only by throwing nades - less explosives and camping. ALL Explosive gadgets/Bipods are blocked - Explosive spam is a big problem on maps without vehicles, and bipod campers stop pushes and make the game stale and boring. Rules: No special rules. Everything is regulated by mods. Glitching floors/rooms may result in a warn. Cheating will result in a ban. Extra information: Votemap and votenuke are available. Tickets adjust themselves automatically based on map and mode. Enjoy playing! Everyone is welcome! Discord server link: https://discord.com/invite/yGuFyks
  4. send here https://zloemu.net/feedback
  5. there no way for unban just make new account and send your info to fenix he will move old stats to new account and enjoy
  6. pb just shit and not do anything many time ask fenix for stop it , we have many player keep spected and catch hacker and fenix have anti cheat so pb no need this screen for metro locker server many are banned for no reason
  7. III444III BF4 Hack 2021-03-14 17:10:06 he same player ? yes same shit never change
  8. his aimbot 50% for no one catch him ! 1.04 1.42
  9. you lvl 34 looks like your new , so you need time for know who hack or not , in the screen are normal player , there is many player can make 200-5 or better
  10. this fact not insult , you have learn how be man then clean player not checter bye bye noob hack
  11. hope fenix ban all iran player even block iran county too really cancer country
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