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  1. ok banned for 2 month
  2. please post the video here . for i give him long ban he need some rest
  3. i think LEGIONNAIRE banned by pb . when i back from work i will check for be sure make new account and test u can join or same you got kick
  4. B7ackhawk


    panda server have one locker metro have 2
  5. B7ackhawk


    well that nice !
  6. B7ackhawk


    join panda discord .i can fix it
  7. B7ackhawk


    he cant do it . go bot server you can unlock any gun u like it . or host server on ur pc and run bots
  8. you are banned by pb . there is nothing to do , i dont know why pb banned player on panda , and they can join locker metro just make new account and play again , sorry there is nothing i have to do
  9. my friends cant join my server thy get stuck on the black loading screen ?? ofc they cant join bcz u run on your pc . you have port problem only you can join , buy host they can join
  10. B7ackhawk


    see you next year
  11. B7ackhawk

    admin pls help

    there is server for bot go kill some bots and unlock any gun u wanna
  12. B7ackhawk

    admin pls help

    Make new account and play , its pb ban no one can do anything
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