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  1. Что скажете о них?

    he admin with me (panda) server
  2. I have been banned but why?

    what about your External hack
  3. asters

    banned before 3 hour ago 9 9 EA_7FC710B300397256B1CAC55981729EC9 Guid Permanent GTFO
  4. Сбой в работе PB

    No one care about you relax hhhhhh :p
  5. Zclient cannot connect.

    where is your email?
  6. Is there a way?

    There is no chance . you must think good before you used hack go buy origin acc good luck
  7. nothing happen when i click on StartServer.bat

    send me pm
  8. nothing happen when i click on StartServer.bat

    which port used?
  9. not connect to bf3 servers !

    Check login details im sure there is something wrong
  10. not connect to bf3 servers !

    what is your problem?
  11. I am Arab too but im not banned ! btw i remember you got ban before
  12. cheater

    Nah Kaus is good player i dont think he hacking
  13. Plitheon

  14. Why not banned?

    He good pilot i play with him many time , and he drive tank very well