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  1. WW1 IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nothing's on ma mind bro...just the same day smae time....... :)

  3. Nothing is on ma mind..just brain .......

  4. Nothing's ma mind bro..nothing's on ma mind.......


  5. WOW new face zlo!

  6. I'm glad you guys make BF3 Premium for free guys.. I appreciated cuz we here are not so rich XD!! i'm looking forward to see BF4 Premium for free as well.... Mos of my games are download from nosTEAM cuz i dont hae money. XD!!
  7. Hey creeperMP, i watch your videos and all the proof. It's clearly this guys is a cheater and I WANT HIM BAN 4EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello Zlomers!!!

  9. ohh the server is from Linux and we play the server from linux by using windows OS......right??
  10. WOW Linux? I have never seen a Linux that can play any games and BF3.. XD!!
  11. Hello everyone.I just wanna ask about your games. Is your games Pirated and cracked? Some pirated games can't play online.... especially BF3...
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