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  1. RevolX

    Delete that

    Растёёёёём! Спасибо всем <3
  2. Can you stop demotivating people already? They want to attract people, and you write this... Many people wanted to play BC2, but they couldn't find any servers here. So they went either to nexus_shit or off.
  3. RevolX

    Delete that

    Добавили БОТОВ на сервер, угарно)
  4. RevolX

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    +, почини торрент на ЯД пожалуйст, просто турк сегодня через ориджин скачал, у него вообще он не запускался
  5. RevolX

    Delete that

    11! RECOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD! По-тихоньку ОЖИВЛЯЕМ хардлайн!
  6. RevolX

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    НАС уже Семеро! Всем спасибо!
  7. RevolX

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    I don't agree with you. After many hours of matches in Bf3, this game seems to be some kind of addition. Again, it is underestimated, only because everyone is used to seeing fighters, tanks, anti-aircraft guns and the like. There is no such thing here, but have added cool modes, such as hijacking, "blood" money, etc After playing it for 4 days, we feel that our need people. And, by the way, 7 out of 8 who downloaded it after bf3, were convinced of the dynamism, and they liked this game. Need to think critically.
  8. RevolX

    Delete that

    In my opinion, this is an underrated game. Dynamic and cool) download it too, bro!
  9. Классный лаунчер! Понравился дизайн, да и быстрая доступность режимов. Функционал шикарен. +rep автору!
  10. мб карта с какого нибудь дополнения? Проверял файлы игры на целостность ?
  11. Надеюсь информация, данная тов. СЕНАТОРом, АРЕСТАНТом, Михас_из_Днр, будет кому-нибудь полезна!
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