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  1. nice fake account i have 2 acc :--blackjack-- and slowplayer / mr fenix can check me if you can kill me create server i joned server dogfight fight with you baby OMG i'm ready and you? DON'T CRY BABE YOU NEVER KILL ME IN JET
  2. hello guys i reported this hacker server :pycckuu use :aimbot : wallhack : norecoil and he don't have ping thank you pls see chat all player say he is hacker
  3. https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/186020/win-10-v-1903-drop-fps
  4. hello guys i fix it problem 1. turn off windows update 2.download display driver uninstaller https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/display-driver-uninstaller/ 3. go to safe mode windows open this software and uninstall audio and graphic drive 4.go to normal windows and install graphic drive and AUDIO DRIVE COMPATIBLE WIN 10 1903 (ESPECIALLY AUDIO DRIVE REALTEK) AND ENJOY
  5. hello dears i setup windows 10 1903 but my fps in game 40_50 anybody have my problem?
  6. Omg fenix must banned him or change name
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