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  1. Maybe.. or you could say everybody having a good game until the OP air assault happens as there aren't pilots on the opposite team to counter it.
  2. Maybe I don't want to invest that much time. Maybe I don't want to have to become a flying ace just to stop someone else who is abusing it. In my opinion any map that has the AH should also have the MAA to ensure balance. I have absolutely no doubt you won't agree with this but that's fine. Enjoy your farming.
  3. Absolutely it does, but no one here wants to admit it or talk about it. Certain maps do not have an adequate counter to the AH, Seige is a really good map that is spoilt by the AH. I don't play BF4 so much nowadays as I got bored of seeing this happen. If I play now I quickly look at the live score website to see which map is being played and if there is a very high K/D player (or pair) on one side. If so I just do something else instead as I know the game will be shit. If there were more active servers to choose from it wouldn't be a problem but there aren't so the best thing w
  4. +1 Also looks like wall hack, and scope hack as you can't have 14x variable and range finder equipped together.
  5. It's not the admins that hunter cheaters, it's mainly just players, and normally just a few of us. I am not a server admin but I report cheaters when I encounter them. I did the same when I use to play BF3 but now I exclusively play BF4 which is better for catching cheaters as there is the spectate feature that can help to prove it, though sometimes that is not needed. Once you have proof you put the video up on here, if others agree then they are banned for 1 year, and banned on everything ZLO. They don't get around that ban as it is a robust ban system. If you suspect someone
  6. I have got lots of footage of him, the video I made was from about 20% of what I recorded. I'll review it all and see if I can find anything else. It's hard to make a good video of it all though as he was doing very long shots and the image it very bloomed out on my system, but the way he was finding people at 40x zoom tells me he he is being guided by a wall hack. The range finder issue - I have had this bug happen to me several times and it never switches on and off. You might get it when you first join a game and it stays on until you die. Once you re-spawn it's always gone. Also
  7. Yes. My monitor is old and seems dark on most maps so brightness is at 100%. Graphics settings are low apart from mesh but I do have some post processing on. It's been bugging me why the 2x appears on his scope but if you look at 1:58 you can see for a split second the scope goes black & white. I think this hack brings up 2 scopes as one. It is using the range measurement from the FLIR [IR 2x] which is why 2x is often shown on his scope. I know having a range finder on any scope can be a bug but if it doesn't happen it will only stay until you are killed. His stays with him throu
  8. 1. Bob_Lee_Swagger (rank 31, ping 246) 2. Kit Hack, wall hack, possible aim. 3. Panda 4. Kit Hack - Variable scope (14x) not possible if using the Range finder yet both are used throughout 2 games so it can't just be the range finder bug as that only happens when first joining a game. Wall - He seems to find enemy snipers quickly/easily even though they are not on the mini map (or even in range of it). Aim - 4:50 with the pistol looks suspicious. http://www.pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=1&player=Bob_Lee_Swagger Headshot %
  9. 1. Lavender26 (rank 61 & ping 65) 2. Wallhack, Aim, damage. 3. Panda 4.
  10. I don't understand the discussion, isn't it obvious he is cheating?
  11. 1. sansay_hunter (rank 79, ping 115) 2. Aimbot, damage, WH. 3. Panda 4. http://www.pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=1&player=sansay_hunter
  12. Wrong An1k... playing like that is cancer for the game/server... it will drive people away... but nobody cares.. If it were my server I'd put a K/D limit on it so gunner farmers would just be kicked automatically, like they do on official servers.
  13. I don't recall XGamer23 has ever made me think he's a cheater. I also have had many of those lucky shots where you take a random shot at someone who is far away and somehow get the kill.
  14. 1. grom_23 (level 13) 2. Damage hack / Aimbot 3. Panda 4. Video given to me by another player so reporting on their behalf. Many thanks.
  15. 1. SaleK (rank 13, ping 75) 2. aimbot + WH 3. Panda 4.
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