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  1. Wont release it. You can get the baremetal launcher from bigworld12. Also preview of one upcoming feature ;D
  2. Im still alive.

  3. sorry for late response but what you did to get that error?
  4. Use Pipe.exe or Launcher with Logfeature to get the exact Kickreason.
  5. Thurrax

    a suggestion

    i got many accounts also i dont care^^
  6. Thurrax

    a suggestion

    well i got my two highlevel bf4 accounts on origin but i dont have issues with the weapons :P the worst thing i have is the strict imbalance in ping and performance. why should i play against 200+ Ping players with 30FPS on 640x800, while im playing 4K60FPS with 28ms?
  7. Thurrax

    a suggestion

    I just see mimimi Ban Guns and play knive only.
  8. In BF3 / BF4 / BFH my Servers are called the same: Evonix.eu - Teamdeathmatch Those are online from 3:30 to 22:00 GMT+1 (German Time)
  9. Sometimes i got my server up but Hardline is dead.
  10. You cant read? Use pipe.exe or a launcher with log support (for example my -> Evonix). It will mostly tell you the error.
  11. just record him and its good.. gosh
  12. Olá. Eu sou o desenvolvedor do Evonix Launcher para Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 e Battlefield Hardline. Eu gostaria de adicionar o Idioma Português / Brasil ao meu Launcher. Como eu não sou nativo falando Português, estou procurando Tradutores. Entre em contato comigo via mensagem direta aqui no Fórum ou em Discord: Thurrax#2808. Para tradução você precisa de boas habilidades de inglês para português. Saudações, Thurrax
  13. if you really only cheated in SP aka Trainers, you can appeal your ban. aaand maybe if you are lucky (and ZLOFENIX wont find anything against you) you will be unbanned.
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