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  1. i mostly get around 8-11 MB/s in Zlorigin. Connection is to Mail.ru Cloud i think. So its the Speed to their servers. Otherwise download Torrent as Zlofenix said.
  2. Thurrax


    So Technically take the Battlelog Stats and compare them globally with all users?
  3. BFH is a crap game. If bf3 runs, bfh will do just fine.
  4. well thats mostly an issue. most routers block scans from networks (like gametracker) thats why its not working probably
  5. You on a dedicated server/vps/root or a homeconnection?
  6. Pretty much self explanatory Except Serverfiles might be outdated
  7. So Serverlist (Battlefield) on zloemu is already equipped for launching the game via web api? Otherwise the example works great on my end.
  8. GameTracker just pulls information from server. its not connected to the official server interface. normally you can add the servers by ip and port to it.
  9. Maybe possible. Probably in next update with api update
  10. Fenix has two Sites for Paypal stuff: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/zlofenix and https://www.patreon.com/zlofenix ^https://zloemu.net/donate
  11. New Update! # v 1.0.2 * Fixed Startup Issue * Fixed Servers not loading + Added Tickrate under Serverinfo for Battlefield 4 * Moved Language and Favorite Saves to Json File by Api * Fixed Battlefield 4 Stats Window to Show Experience correctly https://www.mediafire.com/file/5vtfojv6at10vth
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