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  1. Its probably nothing wild. Maybe obfuscation of code within the file. Wait for answer from @ZLOFENIX
  2. Rename Installmedia Folder to an Englishname. Default Folder contains Russian Letters and can be problematic.
  3. its not a repack made by zlogames. what do you expect here? Help? use our downloads. they work.
  4. if you installed them correctly, just join a server with dlc maps.. there is no singleplayer dlc content.
  5. Best looking Launcher so far! Gonna try it out later, but for the User Interface and the usability its great so far. Also ive seen in the Userstats (BF3/4) that there are two values with the Value XXXX hp. That "hp" doesnt make sense to me:
  6. Set Server to Unranked and you can do this only on that server. Otherwise, just play the game!
  7. nycotrix


    Yes, can confirm its working. Most of the Deponia Games only open the Settings App via Origin, but direct launch from ZClient works. Also Hacknet starts too!
  8. use qemu or similar and get a kms activated license.. kek
  9. nycotrix


    Yes, everything starts with PreAuth. Chaos on Deponia, for example, starts like this: [22:16] Connecting... [22:16] Connected [22:16] Authing... [22:16] Auth success as Thurrax [22:16] PreAuth origin.exe [22:16] origin.exe [22:17] PreAuth visionaireconfigurationtool.exe [22:17] visionaireconfigurationtool.exe
  10. nycotrix


    Pony Island - works Goodbye Deponia - works Hacknet - Starts Window, then closes. Origin shows that im Playing Hacknet Complete Edition. Launch via ZClient result in Activation Error Deponia Doomsday, Deponia, Chaos on Deponia - Launches Settings Gui, after that nothing happens anymore
  11. nycotrix


    well i would test some games out. like all the deponia games for example. do i need to send you something special? My zlorigin name is Thurrax. i just need regular zclient + zlorigin right?
  12. nycotrix


    So you need Beta Testers for new games? Did i understand that correctly?
  13. My old Guide was okay, but it was for the older Serverlauncher ZLOFENIX made. Maybe following it will work with newer ZServer?
  14. ZClient Probably depends on Software which Wine doesnt deliver per default. Best bet would be asking @ZLOFENIX about dependenices from ZClient.exe
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