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  1. It is second time in this week that Windows defender detected a Trojan in zclient update file under directory "C:\ProgramData\ZLOEmu\". Idon't know if this is false positive or something else. But I think someone should take a look at it. This time "CGOGx32.zlo" in directory "C:\ProgramData\ZLOEmu\" is detected as "Trojan:Win32/Azorult!ml". I dont know if I should block it or allow it?
  2. Are there any servers on zlo for assignment unlocking of BF3? If there are none, then can anyone help me setup a server for assignment unlocking. I know how to start a server but I don't know how to setup a server for assignment unlocking (server commands).
  3. okay.. thank you. I only had the installed game files and my 34h launcher is not recognizing the game. (Target not found). Thats why I need that bat file to add my game to the registery.
  4. Can you give me the link of the YouTube tutorial? I only need the bat file. Can you give it to me.
  5. The launcher works great with launching the game. I am using it for bf4. It launches the game without zlorigin. But there is a problem. When I launch the bf4 server exe, 34H launcher says that the game is already running. Now i cannot join any server when i have my own server running.
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