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  1. Cause Battlefield is too old , dump into the trashcan Lmfao
  2. woah ! How could you struggling such long time , guess you don't have a penis P.S ( Kill yourself Faggot)
  3. Pay to hack , rip their poor soul....
  4. you sound like " whatever idc i got so many smurfs to play " LUL what
  5. Yes hes hacking , look the afterburner , 100% jet aimbot Once hes on your tail then you gonna have a hard time to get rid of it cause hes autopilot-ing
  6. I think your logic doesn't work properly , don't use Google translate I will give you LMAO and LMFAO

    Help Me!

    Don't use Google translator , the page you're seeing is faded
  8. You are more creative than I imagined , your brain got stucked by maggots .


    I hope you choking till your death by your own pess . Enjoy ban wanker
  10. how many brothers you guys have ?? Every single one who got banned cried about how careless their called brothers download hack and use it unproperly . Did you parents give birth to bunch of sisters aswell ??? if you cheat , you're a punk that's how punkbuster come from , you seem like stupid cause cheaters play for fun , not play for Legit . Such a dumb person , get the hell outta here , wanker
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