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  1. Hi pep jut wondering if i can get banned by using these apps http://www.hialgo.com/TechnologyBOOST.html (HiAlgo Bosst, Chill, Switch) these are some injectors that helps to get some fps on mostly games, the most notorius is CS:GO the fact is that the app warns you that maybe you can get ban-hammered by using these cuz is an injector so can i get banned by playing bf here? thx by advance
  3. do you mean this? http://localhost:5080/ZLO/run?game=Z.BF4x64&cmd=-webMode SP -Origin_NoAppFocus -requestState State_ResumeCampaign -startpoint E3_ -requestStateParams " < data personaref %3D\"%ZID%\" levelmode%3D\"sp\"><%2Fdata>" When opened you will be greeted to campaign screen, press esc then select "my soldier/awards/assignments" Note: Many things does not work there. (You will need to use your keyboard too) Credits: @Aim4kill
  4. ok bro ill try it, thx
  5. this will help to complete them all that i needed was an idea of what to do thx get upvote
  6. oh k some launchers like?
  7. ok so they download bf4 thanks to ZLOEMU zlofenix and others... ... to simply cheat? reallly? yeah dat aimbot dmg 100% +
  8. Simple short question. where i can see my bf4 assignements progress? thx by advance
  9. is his brain so stupid enough to keep cheating? really? +++
  10. + they never learn bro, also what a shitty aimbot, has to be one of these youtube vids that gaves u a free hax links
  11. yeah but i dont record games due to lag x'd i thought it where for amazing moments lol
  12. Hey boys, in this topic lets post all the wierdest/cursed/what-the-fu**ers/lols u had ever found is battlefield series, you can post any image/video/screenshots that you think is weird here, (requisite: has to be of the battlefield series, for those who don't read) i start whit my SP bf3 campaing xd
  13. at least this topic wasn't forgotten haha
  14. i've tried but to much error (196610:0) even using VPN some days are nicely but others doesn't and it's pretty motherfucker
  15. boy your download speed (393K/Bs) is higher than mine lol (180K/Bs, max 210K/Bs) i want that internet plan boy, but venezuela says NOPE
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