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  1. will you add them? (x20 sight included) you can add them in form of "assignement" add a new tab in there and name it "DICE rollers" (that's an example) then add some assignements like 50h as recon. 5000m in total hedshots whit snipers, kills whit sidearms, respawn on your radio beacon, soflam assistances, etc in order to unlock x20 zoom something like that would you kindly?
  2. i think only one is necesary, they gave you both in case the other dont work i recommend you downloading the repack by Canek77 is the one wich appaers in most vids and appaers in the FAQ FitGirl kinda unstable and install gets longer indeed also the canek77 one comes whit some DLC so you only will need to update in ZLOrigin
  3. dude ur bad connection was the better download connection i reached in the past year #RipImUsingCantv
  4. i know but here in my country electricity isnt stable, is trying luck downloading from there but ill try anyways thx
  5. k mate u dont have the servers files whit a uTorrent or Mega link? or does this one work? http://zlotracker.org/29422
  6. Hi people, missed my retarded topics? dont worry! i got one for u xd not many servers are running DLC maps and gamemodes :c i trully wanna play them whit 16+ people but only 2-4 persons for scarvenger?? any idea to get a fully trully good amount of players in DLC server? if u tell me to launch my own Server pls giv me the R40 server files by uTorrent/Mega/Magnet ( im Venezuelan cant another way) also im located in Venezuela how much ping my server will have?
  7. the BF3stats 3? yep its counts perfectly 72 DogTags i taked the other's knife kills are for some face-slashing god dammit EA + the bug that lets u the knife selected and cant slash again until u switch weapon
  8. k understood if u guys could manage to make the leaderboard u can put it here where "dogtags" are for showing a quick mini leaderboard of ur position
  9. dude i taked 71 dog tags of enemies, xD why is not working?
  10. What is that? What does mean that? How i do it?
  11. XD good one but i dont wish xd is for switching between full acc and secondary some assignements kinda motherfucker example SCAR-H specialist damn hard because helicopterss goes 1Km high and people doenst use soflam
  12. oh thx for your apports i had some fears about it but now im secure xd
  13. Well em. i was thinking if i reach max lvl i wanna make a secondary acc to play from the start again just wanna know if i wont get banned from that (i saw that about multi-accs) i will like an answer from ZLOFENIX
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