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  1. I have moved topic to right section 1. If ping request is disabled you will have no ping(ICMP), also that is why it shows 999 pipng in your launcher. See if you can create a special rule for echo request in firewalls... If it is possible with VPN. 2. Usually auto kick is on in servers..Who would ban?
  2. When you have two clans fighting with each other the alleged cheater has his supporters from clan and friends voting NO and the other clan with friends voting YES. No real verdict can be done, since there are not many "outside of clan" users commenting.
  3. Very very steady hand...hm... looks like cheat to me...
  4. is it too hard to read??????????????????????? Why don't the 2 clans involved here take it to the battlefield (IN A SERVER)?? The few "outside of clan" users needs to be heard too.
  5. Agree ..... I actually start wondering about the whole topic....... It is here we go again.... SO PLEASE .... comments after mine to be : YES OR NO player is cheater and leave the rest in your head.... otherwise I will start hiding posts. and warnings will be handed out
  6. Good evening to you too :)

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      when game insttaling  i have message  - fail is crashed

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      скачай другой релиз там же рядом лежит, либо этот перехешируй. Пользуйся uToorent а не другими программами аля Mediaget

  7. Windows Defender precisa ter pasta do jogo em exceções, então você fechá-lo e baixar client.zip / launcher.dll e ZUpdater.dll e adicionar. Você tem firewall no router? Talvez firewall é rigoroso? Em pc que você adicione bf3.exe das excepções e o lançador? A sua conexão de internet estável e forte? você usa Wi-Fi? Windows Defender needs to have game folder in exceptions THEN you close it and download client.zip / launcher.dll and ZUpdater.dll and add. Do you have firewall in router? Maybe firewall is to strict? In pc did you add bf3.exe to exceptions and the launcher?
  8. THere is a "REPORT cheater template" you need to follow :
  9. 1. Você tem o Windows 10 ? 2. Você adicionou o gamefolder de excepções em Windows Defender e antivírus ? 3. Update ZUpdater : http://zloemu.org/files/crack/ZUpdaterx32.dll
  10. Read the FAQ again it is clearly something missing on your pc... are you on win 10 or 8.1? antivirus?
  11. =================================================================================== Saludos gente, en este post les enseño como crear un servidor para jugar con el emulado de dicha web. =================================================================================== ¿Que necesitas? 1. Buscar los Server File (NOTA: Tiene que ser versión "R38" la cual es la única que funciona por ahora) 2. Descarga SERVER + CONFIG + BAT AQUí (NOTA: Estos son los archivos de configuración) 3. Descarga el launcher Server La
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