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  1. Hi, how can I enable a console in BF3 server just like it's there in BF4 server? as in this picture there's bf3 server on left and has no console at bottom while bf4 server has a console to enter commands. any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi! I recently jumped back into BF4 after years, installed it properly and it ran great as well, but a problem arose as well, which is that I can't join few servers, mainly bot servers, it just says "joining server" when I try in game server browser, and it shows black screen if I try joining the server with launcher, servers which I can't join are 1)dexter bot server, and 2) (FR) - 50 bot server. My PB is updated and running, I can join Panda with no problem at all. here is the Pipe output.
  3. wtf... never saw anything like this.. but it seems more like a glitch than hack
  4. standard version doesn't have assignments.
  5. first you need to activate your game using your zloemu credentials, not origin ones. make sure you have latest launcher.dll pasted in your game folder along with the contents of client.zip folder turn your antivirus off while copying the contents and disable your windows defender, make sure to add bf3 folder to exclusions of your antiviurs as well try these steps and let us know if problem is sloved
  6. in order to play you need to get registered here, once you are done then try to login with your email and password you used to get registered on zloemu.org
  7. have you downloaded client.zip and replaced the contents of your game folder?
  8. what hapend?


    1. GRpACMAN


      what hapend with bigworld

    2. Desperate


      I think some conflicts with some of the mods... 

    3. Desperate


      Zook gave him a warning point i think,

  9. thought I had everything already updated but still tried it and it didn't work
  10. even server launcher isn't connecting to master while status of bf3 on zloemu is up.
  11. Hello again! Another weird problem, i'm running into since this morning, tried all launchers but "can not reach master". I was lucky enough to get connected for once in a while but i closed the launcher then and when i restarted problem persists. what are the possible reasons for this to occur and any solutions?
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