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  1. thetruestarr - читер

    So you are so ignorant, that you blend out plain facts by @Bigworld12? For every "suspicious" action is a proof against it. Oh, the moment with the Revolver and the Team Mate? Yes, i tried to kill him, cuz Cepora had Teamkill enabled and i wanted to kill him Cuz i wanted to have fun with it. Stop beeing so ignorant here, just see the facts and you are good. And your argument that i complained about ping and lag: Yes i had issues with my GPU Drivers. A clean reinstalled helped with the FPS Drops & i tried to connect to internet with ethernet cable and that helped alot. This is just my cup of tea.
  2. For All Egyptians who can't connect, come here

    because EA has licensed server provider in data centers.. -.-
  3. Anyone would like to help me Mod BF3 sounds?

    Yeah sounds better Keep it up
  4. thetruestarr - читер

    Thanks that you all think i am cheating. Thank you all. I have round about 800hrs experience in EA BF4 on Two Accounts. You know that you can hear Enemy Footsteps right? And the thing with shooting against the Wall in Operation Locker: Its easy to explain. You could see the enemy for 1-2 split seconds, i tried to hit him and missed and then i died.. If i really would cheat, i could seen him and kill him? Instead i died, because i never have seen him. I played CS:GO and trained my hearing for Footsteps and sounds.. same goes for Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 is a awesome game with a good sound engine. You can hear Soldiers running in the underground. if they do something they scream. You cant hear this things in Spectator Mode. But thats just my side of the story..
  5. Enable BF3 IN MOROCCO!!!

    We do not block peoples from countrys.. Just check your Internetprovider, maybe they blocked us lewl
  6. i am not a cheater and i can prove it

    Which Noobadmins? You dumb bro?
  7. Whats i will banned?

    Multiacc = you have banned account on your pc ;) nice try cheatero
  8. How many Multi accounts can you have

    Normal Accounts you can have so many you want (like family or friends at home).. if you hack, all will be banned for multiaccounting.. then you need to wait till ban expiration
  9. Help AWC.dll  load is failed 

    You sure you disabled Windows Defender (if win10) and added exception in other anti virus? reapply the into your folder and overwrite everything. Start launcher as admin
  10. Hey guys can you help me

    Reapply from FAQ
  11. Anyone would like to help me Mod BF3 sounds?

    Compare Video about Original vs Modded would be great
  12. "Run client error1" error on client

    do not use bf3sp.exe.. just download the file, newest launcher.dll and newest launcher and replace all in bf3 folder
  13. "Run client error1" error on client

    Reapply the
  14. ZloFenix birthday or something else??

    1. Yes 2. ofc. 3. Secretly i love Fenix from my heart.
  15. fake -Zlofenix- account

    normally its automatic wipe from zlofenix script. and just one reminder: zlofenix doesnt play :P