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  1. Yothri

    amstel lan

    BTW: in my thread where i was advertising my server @GreeenPNZ was talking russian too. punish him
  2. Hi, the players name is "Nexium" as shown in the video. Some ppl. on the server was complaining until i finally got killed with a one shoot of him. I cant say for sure but in fact other were also saying this... Irecorded this shot. ty
  3. Aight, anyways, there is an alternative server for you
  4. In the Ingame Chat they say every X minutes that this server will be closed soon. And i mean look at the name, its called Zooke and Brendo are Racists and Facists. If this server is not goin to be banned soon that would be a wonder lol.
  5. Hi, together with a friend i launched a BF3 Server for you. Since the Hellas Server will be banned soon like admins of the hellas server and mods of forum are swearing each other, its good to have a good alternative server. We provide you a Noshahr Team Deathmatch server without Borders in a Custom Preset (Hardcore like) setup. Our server is hosted in Germany in a data center, so you should get a really good ping if you internet is good. We hope you like it and have fun on our servers. Regards
  6. I am very,very sorry for disturbing you i need a little help.When i try to connect to your server TDM only i get a message that i im banned for punkbuster however i updated punkbuster and i still cant connect.Same thing happen when i try to connect to thetruestar(pnkBstra.exe error).What i have to do? :( THANK YOU

  7. Well this is bad, how about saving the server's id and load the servers name dynamically... also this would be better because if the server is offline you could not see it...
  8. Generally i dont accept friendships... this has private reasons! But dont be sad for this, i will help you anyways as well as i can <3

  9. GG for Mod :D

    1. Yothri


      Thank you, mate ;)

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