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  1. I have a Ryzen 7 5800x and allocated 8 cores to the virtual machine. However the server greatly benefits from single core performance rather than utilizing threading. Also I did not install any VMware tools. I have a physical server with Ryzen 5 2600 but currently I cant test on it because I removed it. If you get it running maybe you can tell us how much performance you get.
  2. Today I'm going to show you my improved version of how to host a Battlefield 4 Server on Linux systems. Performance is very good, even on my Virtual Machine i got constant 900fps! So if you have a root server or physical server you will get near native performance. Let's get started. Important: Please use MobaXTerm to connect to your server as it supports X-Server which is important when installing vcr and first starting ZServer. without it no gui = not working I tested this on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but should work on every Debian/GNU distro 1. Download necessary files xvfb
  3. Did you examine the Event Viewer? Maybe the messages in there can help you out.
  4. Good to know it works. Probably he has some sort of mistake in his configuration. If hes hosting on the same PC hes trying to connect from i doubt its firewall related though.
  5. Ping as shown in server browser is vastly different from actual ping in game. The protocols used and the way its calculated is a difficult topic, but if your ping is okay in game it shouldnt matter much. From what i've seen in your screenshots your ports seem to be messed up. Also configure your IP to loopback 127.x.x.x in remote admin port. I dont even know if works. Or use the actual private! IP of the hosting pc.
  6. Previously I showed you how to host a Battlefield 3 Server on Linux. But without ProCon its hard to administrate the server. So today I will show you how to host a Procon Layer on your Linux Server. 1. Install dependencies sudo apt install mono-4.0-service mono-complete libmono-system-windows-forms4.0-cil mono-devel supervisor mono-mcs unzip -y 2. Download Procon, unzip and put it in a working directory mkdir procon cd procon Download ProCon and move it to your server. Use ftp, shared folder or whatever. Put it in /home/[your user]/procon unzip [procon archive name]
  7. Can't tell if theres something wrong if you don't provide any information. If the error is "no executable found" you should check if it's actually in your directory. Send some screenshots
  8. Thx, in the end i just reinstalled game tho.. topic can be closed
  9. You can go to game options in lutris and pass arguments to the exe.
  10. It shows that im joining but it just stops. It worked earlier today and I already played a round. VCR and .Net all up to date.
  11. Disclaimer: This tutorial is for advanced linux users. If you have no idea what youre doing dont attempt this, as i wont be answering questions which are obvious. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu Server 20.04 Focal Fossa, but works for older and newer releases as well. Just adjust the Wine versions. This method is especially useful for hosters who dont have much money to get windows servers, linux servers are much cheaper. Performance is same as windows server. Let's get started! 0.5) What you need: (Ubuntu Server or similar with x11 forwarding, MobaXTerm to ssh to your serve
  12. Are your redist packages up to date? There is a thread trying to access a protected memory adress obviously. You could try running the server from different directory and with root access (administrator in windows). Antivirus blocking the specific thread maybe. Make sure nothing is blocking Server Software. Best solution is to uninstall windows and install linux ;)
  13. PseudoPlayer.SpawnCount <int> (without <>) Also heres a list of all commands in bf4 CustomizeInput.saveUserInputMap CustomizeInput.restoreUserInputMap CustomizeInput.editInput CustomizeInput.createInput CustomizeInput.cancelListenForInput CustomizeInput.addUndefinedInputAction CustomizeInput.removeInputAction CustomizeInput.notifyEntries dumpArenaMap dumpMemPages profiler.listTimers profiler.report profiler.reportMin profiler.reportMinInterval profiler.reportTimerMin profiler.excludeCode profiler.reset profiler.enable profiler.radTelemetryEnable profiler.setProfilingLevel va
  14. 1. MisterBeAst 2. Oneshot (possible aimbot check video) 3. Pyccku CEPBEP Metro & Noshar only 4.
  15. Lad dir mal die dll zxupdater und so weiter runter. oder du lädst dir einen anderen launcher. von bigworld oder despo etc
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