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F.A.Q. ZClient and ZlOrigin [EN]

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 Add the folder C:\ProgramData\ZLOEmu1 into exceptions!

1. The file ZClient.exe must be named only like this!!

2. ZClient.exe MUST be in a separated empty folder!!!

3. Before running ZClient & ZLOrigin turn off Antivirus and Firewall! Or add both programmes into exceptions.

4.  Run everything as Admin.

5. Certificate for ZClient is required.

6. Before installing ZLOrigin, you should extract it from the archive.

7. Run ZLOrigin right after successful authing in ZClient.

8. If you’re running both Zclient & ZLOrigin, and you right click Zclient (in tray) – it will be closed and it will also close ZLOrigin. But Origin.exe will still stay in Task Manager. That’s why it won’t let you to run ZLOrigin again.

9. Zclient works on OS  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

10. Not every PCs can run games just from Zclient, if you can’t, you should do it through ZLOrigin.

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1. How to log in to Zclient with another account?

    Close Zclient. Delete the following file from its folder ZData_Auth.zlo. Run Zclient.

2.    ZClient isn’t authorized, and in the ZClient window it is written "Connection failed" or "Disconnected", what shall I do?

Check the status of Monolith 

    2.1 If it’s alright, try to change (if possible) your Internet provider (stationary/mobile); or Internet connection (cable/wifi);

    2.2 If it’s alright, but you can’t change or it doesn’t help, try to reboot router and check, if there is the permission to Internet access for ZClient in Antivirus/Brandmauer!

     2.3 You can also login on the website and, not closing the browser, try to connect again.

     2.4 If it’s alright, but you can’t change or it doesn’t help, probably you have high ping or your provider blocks you. Try VPN for Windows.

3.  Monolit  is on, but ZClient isn’t authorized, and in the ZClient windows it’s written "Incorrect password", what shall I do?

     Open a notepad. Put there your login (mail) & password. Copy, log in on the website, and then on Zclient.

4.  Monolith is on, but ZClient isn’t authorized, and in the ZClient windows it’s written "Mail can’t be found", what shall I do?

     Open a notepad. Put there your login (mail) & password. Copy, log in on the website, and then on Zclient.

5. Monolith is on, but ZClient isn’t authorized, and in the ZClient windows it’s written "You are banned", what shall I do?

      Nothing! It’s no way back!

6. My antivirus finds ZClient as a virus/trojan, what shall I do?

     This is a false positive result. Trust us or start writing your own emulator.

7. It’s a problem with updating Zclient, what shall I do?

  • While running ZClient for the first time – check the status of Monolith, it must be on!
  • Also you need to permit Internet Access to ZClient in Antivirus or Brandmauer!
  • If it’s not the first time you’re running ZClient - check in  task manager, whether the process Origin.exe shouldn’t be on! If required, kill this process there.
  • Restart Zclient and wait for it’s successful updating.

8. Autoupdate error Zx32.dll

     The process Origin.exe in task manager and restart Zclient. Also turn off the antivirus.

9.  ZClient has been deleted or disappeared


10. Unsupported 16-bit application error message

     Right click on Zclient.exe and choose  Fix compatibility issues

11. ZClient.exe is not a valid win 32 application

     Try to run this file, it'll fix the error in registry. and restart your PC.

12. While playing, Zclient turns you off by “timeout”

  • Try to reboot your router;
  • You can also try to put Google servers DNS in your network connection settings. adresses - and
  • (! Except Battlefield ¾) Or successfully authorized in ZClient, start ZLOrigin, switch off the Internet and wait untill ZLOrigin switches into offline mode. Now you can play.

13. Zclient always closes, also closing ZLOrigin and the game.

     there is no solution yet! You can try p. 12.

     ! If ZClient disconnects while you're playing, DONOT try to reconnect. It will crash everything


Closures of Zclient can appear because of connected graphical tablets to your PC and software of a4tech – bloody

14. Zclient closes with an error the programme has stop working…

  • You can try to log in on the website and, not closing your browser, try to connect on ZClient.
  • Or delete Zx64.dll

15. Zclient can’t update: «Updating Zx32… Disconnect by timeout»

  • Probably you have high network ping.
  • You can switch on the cable, change your provider (4G), or ask to send you updated files Zx32.dll & Zx64.dll


16. ZClient shows "Can't connect to Cloud"

            You can"t connect to Cloud to download games. 

  • Use VPN for Windows (not free, but with trial)
  • Also there is Torrent


17. Can't update CLoaderx32.dll or Update recv error

Ekran Alıntısı.PNG

 Add the folder C:\ProgramData\ZLOEmu1 into exceptions


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Other game installation errors: Problem-Solving with Installation


1. « An unknown error occurred, restart the program and try again later».

    « An unexpected error occurred, an application failed»

   « We are unable to connect to EA servers to activte ... on this computer using your account. Please try again later»

  «All the games are disappeared from ZlOrigin or "white screen" appeared»
Solution: In any cases, do a purge of the Origin cache, run the DelOriginCache_.bat. file below. After clearing the cache you need to check the game files in Zlorigin.

 Solution 1: relevant for "white screen"
1. Delete ZClient and all its files.
2. Remove ZlOrigin using any removal program (Revo Uninstaller Free or UninstallTool.exe (Do not update!)).
3. Clear the registry.
4. Delete all the remaining files.
5. Download ZLOrigin again along with ZClient + install VС ++.
6. Disable antivirus and add ZClient to antivirus exceptions.


2. While closing ZLOrigin the error message always appears.
Solution 1: Run official Origin and update it up to the latest version.
Solution 2: Clean the Origin cache, run the DelOriginCache_.bat.
Solution 3:
Close ZlOrigin and delete all the Origin.exe processes in Task Manager. 


3. igoproxy64.exe - System Error. The program can't start because .dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem."
   Solution: From the ZlOrigin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)) delete 2 files igoproxy64.exe and igoproxy.exe.


4. « Origin denied access to file or folder C:\Program Files\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Bin\Core\winhttp.dll».
     Solution: You should be in Admin mode and anti-virus should be off.


5. "You're Currently in Windows Compatibility Mode".
            Solution: Right click the ZlOrigin application and then go to "Compatibility". Select nothing in this tab, if you did, just remove them. Restart the computer.


6. Disconnected: critical update required.
      Solution 1: Restart PC and run ZClient and ZLOrigin
      Solution 2: Clean the
 Origin cache, run the DelOriginCache_.bat.

7. " Origin has encountered a serious problem and must be closed ".
1. Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat
2. The solution is a complete uninstalling ZlOrigin from your PC. Better use programmes which help to clean registry, such as RevoUninstaller (or others.)


8. While running ZlOrigin there’s an error message «ZLOFENIX EA Universal Crack : Zupdater is too old download new form zloemu.org».
SolutionDownload ZUpdaterx32.dll, and put it into Zlorigin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\ZLOrigin)


9. Instead of ZLOrigin, you receive official Origin asking to log in.

1. Check how many Zclient there are in the tray!!!! Must be ONLY 1
2. Clean the cache 
3. Make sure that AV and Defender are turned off . 


10. ZLOrigin opens in a tiny window. 
1. Check how many Zclient there are in the tray!!!! Must be ONLY 1
2. Reboot PC or clean the cache 
3. Happens that this is a Zclient update bug. Tell us here about it, or in Discord, in case nothing else helps.


11. ZLOrigin is not open, even though zclient is authed. 
1. Check if there is Origin.exe in Task Manager and remove it.
2. Clean the cache 
DelOriginCache_.batSometimes you gotta do it everytime before running Zlorigin.
 3. Try a clean boot .


12. Error: License is invalid. Reason Code Missing DLL: [msvcp120.dll] 
 1. You need to install all required programs, like  vcredist_x64 and vcredist_x86 from Installer folder, that can be found in a game folder. (Default C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4__Installer)
 2. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 

     12.1. How to update  Microsoft Visual C++?
      Link 1  - use search toolbar
Link 2 (alternative)
Link 3 (alternative) 

13. Error: Windows XP or Vista users: due to a security update, you need the newest version of the Origin client to continue. Please uninstall your current version then install the update available.
 Probably, your AV or Defender deleted or blocked Zx32.dll from ZClient folder. Turn off the defense or/and add ZClient folder in exceptions.
2. Remove Zclient files from quarantine.
3.  Try to completely delete AV and fully turn off Defender. Also do a 
clean boot 
 Go to Microsoft Security Essentails>Parameters>Default Actions, and remove a tick from "Apply Recommended Actions"

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