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  1. put the launcher in the same directory as battlefield
  2. i think you can't add more stats to SQL,it's just EA code
  3. Added some info about the launcher API in (10 & 11)
  4. 1 - don't write in english please ever again 2 - apply crack
  5. link to the knowledge base : http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/tutorials/
  6. step 1 : have a brain
  7. http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/6717
  8. it seems that zx file doesn't get updated automatically, so try adding this file https://puu.sh/qaqBG/8a19cdb292.dll
  9. if he was hacking i will be the first one to say ban him
  10. i am not getting one-sided here but this video doesn't proof anything, 1 - at 00:08 - 00:09 http://symthic.com/bf4-weapon-info?w=AKU-12 aku has small horizontal recoil as you can see so it's normal 2 - exactly at 0:15 you can see the soldier going to the right there also he was visible on the minimap 3 - at 0:28 - 0:30 he was shooting at his team mate, not at nowhere, i don't know how can you consider this something 4 - 0:32 - 0:33 check this video , you can see many shoots missing in spectator but hitting in the actual game ,it's because spectator mode (in all games not bf4 only) has a small delay from the actual game + the delay from ping (he is in Germany and server is in Russia) = what you saw 5 - 0:38 - 0:41 you can clearly hear the gun sound coming from that area ... 6 - 1:14 - 01:17 how does a knife animation proof anything ????????????
  11. should i create it in arabic ? because arabic forum was deleted ...
  12. NTRA = National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  13. they don't support online games but support porn sites? shitty country xd
  14. if you can access this https://act.drm.zloemu.org:82/test then you don't have a problem
  15. the odds it's a global ban from the ministry of communications are even higher
  16. if you live in egypt and can't connect to any servers recently, it's because ISP blocked zloemu site (at least that's what i tried) so to fix it , you need to use a VPN , good one is HotSpot Sheild Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/zlo1hipdaexejki/Hotspot+Shield+VPN+Elite+5.20.30+Multilingual.rar How to use : disable antivirus because it detects "Hss_Elite.exe" as malware open "HSS-5.4.3-install-plain-714-plain.exe" and install it open "Hss_Elite.exe" and install it open "HSS-5.20.30-nodrv-update.exe" and install it open hotspot sheild and connect now you can connect to zloemu again but with higher ping because of the extra time it takes to pass the VPN
  17. it's just a prank bro #Gone_Sexual #Gone_Gay #Gone_No_where they were just testing how many players will try to join bf4 in first day
  18. re download Crack files from my signature
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