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  1. Tento entrar em algum server no battlefield 3, uso o EAZY LAUCHER para entrar, mas quando entro no jogo se passa 5 segundos e fecha
  2. i downloaded battlefield 4 from this link http://zlotracker.org/37446 and it is not installing , give me a lot of errors
  3. laion

    zclient error

    ok,solved... but zlorigin is not downloading games
  4. laion

    zclient error

    in that image, is there any problem?
  5. laion

    zclient error

    how can i see the problem, i don't understand that command
  6. laion

    zclient error

    sim, mas por garantia desativei permanentemente windows defender
  7. laion

    zclient error

    my zclient is not connecting for 2 days, but today connected just once and came second error [ zlorigin was crashing all the time] and right now i am opening this topic, i can't connect zclient detail 1: when zclient update give me first error, it automaticly close, when i open again update and ask me to add my email again as u see in the second image, but if i add my email it give me same update error and close, when i open again ask me to add my email again.... and i get in to a loop of these error for ever.... i am having this things for 2 days...last image show what hapened when i conected zclient [zlorigin crash] detail; i installed all visual cc+ but i can't test because of zclient
  8. all laucnhers give me same error,even evox
  9. or we can call him, 1x1 with him, i will record and he have to record too, if he do the same things he did before... yeah, i will stop
  10. i will bilieve that it is not cheat when a pro jet como with me and we can recreat the same situation ,then we can see how fast he can turn, and that guy is a low level , i am free to test, we can do that at the same map..... i am free to see others sugestions
  11. look wt he did in 2:18 that is insane
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