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  1. hey i really don't care much if you were cheating or not. i'm just putting the video out there. let people decide whether or not they see what i see. Fenix will watch it and decide too. if you're not cheating, gg. but if you are, and i think you are, then you should be banned like any other cheater. plus, posting a video after the one i recorded doesn't mean anything. you could just have turned off your cheats.
  2. 1. SYAVKIN-GOD. DONUT-KAPPA. 2. aimbot. 3. Panda. 4.
  3. it's true what they say :P anyone can make reports
  4. he finished this round top of his team with 70+ kills. you wouldn't expect this score from a guy who shoots at a lav with an aek as shown at the the end of my following video:
  5. he most likely leveled up on bots because he leveled up quickly i remember the first time he played not long ago
  6. 1. By-wick1111 (rank 140) 2. Aimbot 3. Panda 4.
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