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  1. i say, it's an addition to game settings. so, cheat.
  2. he even sucks with cheats +
  3. this is an on&off type of cheater. i got reports about him and i spectated him before. one round he's a total noob, then becomes superman next round. +
  4. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh he killed me once so fast i was up on top of a roof and i thought it was weird but then i just figured he's good. it's obvious in the video that he's cheating.
  5. stats say suspicious, or downright cheating. Video, not sure. maybe it's just me. I mean, no one has ever sucked harder with cheats
  6. it really makes you wonder, you know. These [mod] think they could just log in and s**t on everybody's game. thanks, dude.
  7. + "game assists detected"
  8. 1. 1337_maks228 (lvl 3, ping 46) 2. Aim 3. Panda 4.
  9. Demyan good at catching cheaters using a wallhack. +
  10. someone sent me this. It's not mine.
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