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  1. i come to bf4 to relax and make friends and go to Starbucks to yell at people from different cultural backgrounds and get into fights.
  2. https://streamable.com/bl2dpx
  3. DodeMan


    as my friend axa would say 'axa'
  4. as my Spanish friend jaja would say 'jaja'
  5. + did you ask if he was an old Atari gamer?
  6. + one-shot kill. Met him earlier on Hangar. Didn't get to spectate him.
  7. you don't know axajaja. he's the worst of these cheaters.
  8. axajaja, too. he's their friend.
  9. Another fallen one. He's never that good and his ping isn't that high 90 something. +++
  10. he was going on 10 killstreaks and my friend axajaja checked him many times during the round wide apart.
  11. 1. PIDORMAMKA (Level 8. Ping 64) 2. Aimbot and damage hack. 3. Panda 4.
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