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  1. @GreeenPNZ Можем ли мы разместить наши мнения на английском языке?
  2. Admins are not some cry babies who report anyone on sight and ban him. And, if he used macros, a global Zlo ban won't be applied for him, while server admins can ban him for macros, but Zlo won't. So, macros are not the case.
  3. 1- With no video, no one can say he's a hacker, since there may some low level jet pros exist in Zlo universe. 2- It is possible to do that if you're skilled enough. Choppers have a weak spot when getting attacked by jets and one of those weak spots is actually right under their rotor. So, if you can hit it, well, the chopper can rest in pieces.
  4. If you wish to join PunkBuster ON servers, then you have to run PunkBuster, otherwise it will kick you. Head to punkbuster.com and click the Download PBSetup button, and select the option “For All Windows Games." Open pbsetup.zip, then run pbsetup.exe. Accept the EULA, follow the instructions, update PunkBuster, and then click Add a Game. In the drop down menu, select Battlefield 3, then Add Game, and finally, before trying to run Battlefield 3 again, Check for Updates. If you wish to join PB OFF servers, then you don't have to do any of these.
  5. 1. I do know how to use PC, but I can't find where's the power switch. Other than that, I'm OK. 2. English is a language now? Where are we going?! What the hell is happening? 3. I've been playing shooters for almost 10 years now, so, why not BF4?
  6. So, ZloBF4 commander mode is finally working then?

    1. Aim2Strike


      Yes :), but can go only ingame to commander now.

    2. thetruestarr


      bigworld is working on its parameters for launcher :D

  7. I know many people don't really care about assignments, but please, if anyone knows, let me know.
  8. I am no admin or cheat detector or something but I have to say, keep it in mind that he might be a Colonel 100 in Battlelog and since his ping is good, those stats are not impossible to obtain. Plus, admins need to know what armaments he was using and also, a gameplay footage must be provided. But I have to admit that his stats are indeed suspicious.
  9. Hello everyone. I was checking my assignment list the other day and out of surprise, is saw that some of my assignments like MTAR Specialist or PKP specialist are missing. Have anyone faced this problem? Any fix? Thanks and sorry for my bad English.
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